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Shake Shack's new shrimp Atoburger
Photograph: Courtesy Shake ShackShake Shack's new shrimp Atoburger

Shake Shack is releasing a limited-edition shrimp burger with Atoboy

The collaboration with chef Junghyun Park will only be available for one day.

Amber Sutherland-Namako
Written by
Amber Sutherland-Namako

Perennial favorite burger purveyor Shake Shack’s collaboration series Now Serving pairs the beef behemoth with culinary leaders all over the country. It joined with Chris Shepherd in Houston, Pinky Cole in Atlanta and now it’s about to serve a special menu item by Junghyun Park in NYC. 

The chef, who together with his wife Ellia opened the highly regarded Manhattan restaurants Atoboy and Atomix, has contributed a crustation creation for the occasion. But the shrimp Atoburger will only be available this Thursday, May 6, and only at Shake Shack’s Madison Square Park location.  

Park, who’s go-to Shack order is one classic, one ‘shroom and a cheese fries all split between he and Ellia, detailed the burger: 

“The Atoburger features a shrimp patty, which is less popular in the west but very popular in Korea and other Asian countries,” he said. “The hash brown component adds a satisfying texture and flavor profile.

“Another element I want to highlight is the hot sauce, Atoboy’s own fermented grenada pepper. Atoboy and Atomix focus on utilizing and elevating seasonal ingredients. One unexpected way that we approach this is by applying preservation methods to capture an ingredient’s peak, or to transform it in an unexpected way.”

Net proceeds from the Atoburger will benefit Heart of a Dinner, a non-profit addressing isolation and food insecurity in NYC’s elderly Asian-American communities. 

Shake Shack at Madison Square Park, located near Madison Avenue and East 23rd Street, is open daily from 11am–10pm. The Atoburger will be available for pick-up, delivery and on-site, and the first 40 people to order it live will receive a bottle of Atoboy Grenada pepper sauce.  

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