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The best bacon egg and cheese sandwich in NYC

Get the best bacon egg and cheese sandwich at these New York delis, restaurants and neighborhood bodegas

Photograph: Melissa Sinclair
By Abby Carney and Christina Izzo |

Looking for the best breakfast sandwich in NYC? You can’t go wrong with a classic bacon egg and cheese sandwich, whether they’re from an old-school New York deli, neighborhood bodega or one of the city’s best sandwich shops. Follow our journey to find the best bacon egg and cheese sandwich in NYC.

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Best bacon egg and cheese sandwich

Photograph: Melissa Sinclair


icon-location-pin Chelsea

The stakes are high for a spot that's actually named BEC (Bacon Egg Cheese), and Wednesday's sandwich from the Chelsea breakfast spot delivered, with our testers finding nary a fault with the fancified bacon and cheese crusted brioche bun, runny egg, smoked bacon and sharp cheddar. This bacon egg and cheese moved our hearts, and became the new #1.

The best bacon egg and cheese sandwich in NYC, bacon egg and che
Restaurants, Delis

Sarge’s Delicatessen & Diner

icon-location-pin Murray Hill

The bacon-egg-and-cheese from this Midtown deli is a total class act, winning oohs and ahhs from our satiated judges. The bacon was super crispy, the bun was crisp yet fluffy, and bedecked with poppy seeds - and the egg was perfectly gooey in all the right places. This was kind of the Beyonce of breakfast sandwiches.

Shake Shack, The best bacon egg and cheese sandwich in NYC, bacon egg and che
Restaurants, Hamburgers

Shake Shack

icon-location-pin Midtown East

A go-to morning travel eat for one of our editors, the bacon egg and cheese from Grand Central's Shake Shack felt like comfort food; familiarity on a bun. Fluffy eggs, that same ol' reliable pretzel bun we've all come to know and love and crisp bacon, a smart layer of cheese. Truly, our only complaint was the diminutive nature of this one; our appetites demanded more.

The best bacon egg and cheese sandwich in NYC, bacon egg and che
Restaurants, Sandwich shops

Egg Shop

icon-location-pin Nolita

Another one of those artisanal types, this SoHo gem largely stole the hearts of our judges, who (somewhat) approved of the runny egg, but pined for crispier bacon (and a little more cheese, please?). You'd expect a restaurant dedicated to eggs to have their breakfast sandwiches down pat, and their bacon-egg-and-cheese was clearly made by seasoned experts. Or should we say, eggs-perts?

The best bacon egg and cheese sandwich in NYC, Court Street Groc
Shopping, Grocery stores

Court Street Grocers

icon-location-pin Carroll Gardens

With a fancy-town English muffin style bun and a bit of a cheat with melted white cheddar, this Carroll Gardens morning market sandwich got us riled up, save for one Time Out judge who felt it was akin to fast-food. Despite the outlier, we really dug this quite eggy, salty gourmet bacon-egg-and-cheese.

The best bacon egg and cheese sandwich in NYC, Frankel’s Delic
Restaurants, Delis

Frankel’s Delicatessen & Appetizing

icon-location-pin Greenpoint

We scooped this bacon-egg-and-cheese from the Greenpoint outpost of this Jewish comfort food deli and appetizing counter. Maybe not where you'd expect to find bacon, but alas, our editors noted ample portions of the good stuff on this sandwich and it was an all around win.

Dunhill Cafe
Photograph: Melissa Sinclair
Restaurants, Cafés

Dunhill Café

icon-location-pin Midtown West

Time Out testers tried the bacon egg and cheese from this Theater District cafe and, aside from one four-star review (from a Dunhill regular amongst us), our editors felt this breakfast roll needed a boost in flavor.

Sunny & Annie's, The best bacon egg and cheese sandwich in NYC, Sunny & Annie's
Restaurants, Sandwich shops

Sunny and Annie’s Gourmet Deli

icon-location-pin East Village

Friday's bacon egg and cheese from this East Village deli brought mixed feelings to the group, its myriad faults listed as too bready, tasteless bacon and unequal cheese distribution, but overall, it earned our seal of approval, tying with Dunhill Cafe for first place.

The best bacon egg and cheese sandwich in NYC, Peter Pan Donut &
Restaurants, Bakeries

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop

icon-location-pin Greenpoint

This one came with a ton of bacon, with which we were well pleased. Also poppy seeds on the bun for a nice touch. Though this Greenpoint spot is known for its doughnuts, the bacon-egg-and-cheese was its own sweet success in our editors' eyes.

Cranberry's, The best bacon egg and cheese sandwich in NYC, Cranberry's
Restaurants, Cafés

Cranberry Deli

icon-location-pin Midtown West

A middle of the road breakfast sandwich on a standard roll, there was nothing fancy about this day-starter. No one outright hated it, but cries of "more bacon" and "the yolk was gooey and gross" drowned out any satisfied exclamations or contented sighs. Overall, not bad, but it blends in amongst a sea of basic bodega-fare out there.

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