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The best NYC gifts for the holidays

Is the New Yorker in your life tough to buy for? Here's some NYC gifts that will make even the most jaded New York City resident smile.

Bodega Cat Pin
Courtesy Peralta Project
By Rocky Rakovic and Time Out New York contributors |

If you want to know what to buy a New Yorker, our NYC gifts for the holidays are a good place to fill out your list. Of course, the ultimate gift would be an in-unit washing machine and dryer (a New Yorker can dream!), but that's a pipe dream. Sure, an envelope comprising a gift card for them to blow at either one of the best restaurants in town or on a pair of tickets to see one of the hottest shows on Broadway would slay this holiday, but our NYC-themed suggestions are a bit more creative than that. Anyway, here’s our NYC shopping list including items that show off some of the best New York attractions.

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NYC gifts for the holidays

Courtesy Steph Mantis

Forever Pizza

Artists often immortalize the things they hold dear: For example, Toulouse-Lautrec painted Parisian nightlife, and Ansel Adams photographed the untamed American landscape. Now, Steph Mantis casts classic cheese and pepperoni slices in a resin composite to create indelible, inedible art.,  $200

Courtesy Boundless Brooklyn/Museum of the City of New York

Water Tower Kit

Will your landlord let you tag your walls? Want to get the full security deposit back? Hard same. Flex your graffiti writing skills on a mini water tower from the Museum of the City of New York., $15.95

Brooklyn Eagles ball cap
Courtesy Ebbets Field Flannels

Brooklyn Eagles 1935 Baseball Cap

JAY Z already made the Yankees hat famous, but here’s your chance to champion another New York baseball team. This cap was sported by the Brooklyn Eagles, a Negro National League club that played ball for one season at Ebbets Field., $48

NYC ceramic coffee cup

NYC Coffee Cup

Only design nerds know what the New York City flag looks like. For the rest of us, our collective symbol would probably be the we are happy to serve you coffee cup. Now, with this ceramic homage to the Grecian icon, you can re-create that sweet street-java feel at home., two for $29

Bodega Cat Pin
Courtesy Peralta Project

Bodega Cat Pin

If a wisp of cat hair is in your bacon, egg and cheese, that’s just part of the experience of getting a sammie at the corner store. And we’re fine with that: Some of our favorite New Yorkers are bodega cats., $13

Literary lion scarf
Courtesy The New York Public Library

The New York Public Library Lion Scarf

This black-and-white MicroModal (sustainable fabric made from beech trees) scarf depicts the literary guardian Patience, the lion who protects the NYPL’s main branch. Its understated elegance has the feel of an i heart ny T-shirt without making you look like a tourist., $76.50–$85

Katz's Deli carving board
Courtesy Katz's Delicatessen

Katz's Delicatessen Carving Board

When you’ve been hacking through 23,000 pounds of corned beef and pastrami every week—for decades—you enlist the best surfaces for the job. Katz’s is selling limited runs of carving boards made from the deli’s old counters, oodles of knife marks and all., $125


Takeout Candle

Of all the New York smells—urine, garbage juice—our favorite is Julianne Moore. (We’re no longer allowed within 500 feet of the star, alas.) Our second-favorite fragrance is Chinese takeout. Have you ever ridden in an elevator with a delivery guy who, sadly, was not headed to your apartment?, $20


NYC MetroCard Charm

“Can I get a swipe?” sounded less thirsty before dating apps. The person on your list can rep the city hard with this charm in sterling silver ($68) or 14k gold vermeil ($98), with a Simone de Beauvoir quote (“There is something in the New York air that makes sleep useless”) on the back., $68–$98


LEGO Soloman R. Guggenheim Museum

LEGO offers kits for soaring NYC skyscrapers and the Statue of Liberty, but in-the-know New Yorkers stan Frank Lloyd Wright. If you get this, please invite us over on the next snow day so we can help you re-create the modernist masterpiece, brick by (plastic) brick., $80

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