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The best hat stores in NYC

At a great hat store in NYC, find everything from the perfect topper for a costume party to unironic fedoras

Photograph: Courtesy East Village Hats

Yes, you should go to a hat store in NYC—judging by all the fedoras in Brooklyn, hats are making quite the comeback. No longer relics found at vintage clothing stores, hats have recently been one of the most popular articles of clothing found at a little thing called New York Fashion Week. Whether you want something interesting to perch on your head or something you’d be more likely to find at costume rental stores, these are the best places to cop your cap in New York City.

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Best hat stores in NYC


Worth & Worth

Founded during the roar of the 1920s Jazz Age, Worth & Worth is among the very last custom hat makers in the U.S. (there were precisely three at last count). These outfitters will hand-make whatever kind of cap you can conjure up, and they regularly perform delicate and deft repairs.

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Midtown East

East Village Hats- Barbara Feinman Millinery

The 15-year-old shop has a very old-fashioned feeling to it, with chandeliers, golden lighting and antique-y furniture. The majority of the men’s and women’s hats are handmade in the store, but milliner/owner Feinman rounds out that collection with a few manufactured lines. Prices range from $195–$400 for blocked hats to $200–$400 for dressier evening and cocktail hats. “I use a lot of antique findings in my hats, like vintage one-of-a-kind buckles and ribbons,” says Feinman. “When I say that the elements in a hat are exclusive to that hat, it’s really true. When it’s gone, it’s gone.”

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East Village

The Hat Shop

Milliners Guild founder Linda Pagan opened this shop 18 years ago, and stocks her own designs, as well as though by Tracy Watts, Heather Huey, Jill Courtemanche, and Cha-Cha’s House of Ill Repute. Most of the inventory is priced between $158–$350, says Pagan, though “you can also buy a $20 beret or a $900 Kentucky Derby–style hat.” The clientele is mostly female, but Pagan boasts of an ever-loyal male customer base.

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Makins Hats

Back in 1974, Marsha Akins launched Makins Hats with an unemployment check and began operating out of her fourth-floor walk-up. Nowadays, Makins is synonymous with cranium chic, and it’s the favorite hat shop for celebrities from Samuel L. Jackson to Brad Pitt.

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Midtown West

JJ Hat Center

No one knows more about hats than the men at New York’s oldest chapeau shop, where you’ll find classy gents outfitted in berets ($25–$110), fedoras ($50–$625), newsboy caps ($30–$225), rain hats ($50–$125) and porkpies ($50–$200), the flat-brimmed toppers made popular by jazz musicians. Around since 1911, the wood-paneled store feels entirely masculine, like a place Don Draper would frequent, but ladies are welcome and encouraged to try out the unisex offerings, including 100 percent wool berets ($25) and straw panama-style hats with striped bands ($150). Since prices can go as steep as $625 for Italian fur-felt fedoras, the spot-on sales team will teach you how to care for your new headgear (keep it away from heat and brush it counterclockwise), so that it’s sure to last you for years to come.

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Midtown West

Leah C. Couture Millinery

Leah Chalfen prides herself on the one-of-a-kind pieces she creates in her private studio (she operates by appointment only). She specializes in bridal, black tie and cocktail hats, which often feature intricate feather work, detailed trim techniques, silk veilings and vintage elements. Although Chalfen’s hats range from $250–$1,250, the average price hovers in the $325–$525 ballpark.

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Suzanne Couture Millinery

Suzanne Newman’s Upper East Side showroom and atelier has been kicking around for a quarter of a century. Known for extreme and unusual women’s hats, her custom-made creations start around $400 and can reach into the thousands, especially when Kentucky Derby season rolls around. Well-known among New York society, she’s also made pieces for Beyoncé and Tina Knowles, Kate Hudson, Goldie Hawn and several royals.

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Lenox Hill

Goorin Bros. Hat Shop

Back in 1895, Cassel Goorin arrived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by horse-drawn buggy and began hawking supremely well-made hats. Today, Goorin Bros. has storefronts from coast-to-coast and supplies all manner of headwear from fedoras to flatcaps.

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Park Slope

Lisa Shaub Fine Millinery

“There are not many places you go where someone is hand-sewing sequins onto something,” says Lisa Shaub of the hat shop she’s owned since 1998. “I do heavy lifting like dyeing and blocking and things that are messy at home, and I do finishing work like wiring and beading at the store’s studio.” Soft roll-up hats that are packable like cloches and fedoras range from $180 to $350; blocked and cocktail hats cost $227 to $350.  

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Lower East Side

Looking for a complete outfit?


Jaylin R

check out Space Cowboy on Mulberry Street in Nolita for cowboy hats. 




hi there, i'd like to ask for help... i try to find a hat shop which is (was?) called La Roche or Laroche, it was the shop of a Hungarian actress, Katalin Karady. I'm talking about the past because she passed away in 1990. I am a big fan of the Hungarian diva and i would really like to find out more about her life after she escaped from communist Hungary in the 50's and since then, disappeared from the public. Thank you in advance, Annamaria (my email address is feketemanka@yahoo.com)

Holly Wojahn

As Co- Author/ Illustrator of the soon to be released children's book, "That Hat's Fedorable", I'd love to get input on where this delightful book/ with music CD, might fit in teems of specialty hat shops! Our seven year old heroine, Bridget, travels the world discovering Hat's from a variety of countries! Written in rhyming language, with music composed by the Award Winning L.A. Jingle writers, Roger and Scott Wojahn, "That Hat's Fedorable" could top off any fantastic collection of Hats!

Lois Rochford

The Hat Depot in Brooklyn should be listed here. Hidden treasure in East New York Shellie McDowell, Owner

Kathleen Lisson

Thank you for this list. I love wearing hats and look forward to visiting some of these shops the next time I am in the City.


there is also a very cute atelier with beautiful different design, Selima hat, on 7 bond street.... go check it out:)

Wanda R. Umstead

It was very interesting to see an get to know some of NYC's Finnest hat designers from the last 10 years. It seems that hat creations and designs are an expensive and lucretive business; I wonder if I can create and design hat similar, but a little cheaper for the average income or household whose income is under $60,000 per year. I need to know where and who are the suppliers of materials and goods for these milliners.