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Interesting non-invasive surgeries and treatments to try

No matter the problem, these cosmetic procedures won’t require you to go under the knife

Cam Khalid
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Cam Khalid

Scarring, sagging skin and pigmentation are inevitable when it comes to aging. While some are all up for going under the knife in the name of beauty, some of us aren’t. With a new wave of non-surgical cosmetic procedures that can solve problem areas within weeks with none to low downtime, and without causing any significant pain, we explore non-invasive alternatives in Singapore that don’t require a needle – or even a scalpel.

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For shaping thighs and butt

If you’re ready for this jelly, get ready be bootylicious with Strip. The ‘Ministry of Waxing’ offers the Thermal Shape, a non-invasive toning treatment that uses a unique 4-in1 system to shape your thighs and lift your butt. It uses Ultrasound and Thermal 02 Technologies to break down stubborn pockets of fat within the cells, minimise the appearance of cellulite and firm the skin for the desired silhouette. The treatment also uses a combination of radio frequencies that may be a nuisance to sensitive ears, vacuum suction with various suction levels that can cause slight pain and bruising in sensitive areas, and heat energy to boost blood circulation and improve the body’s natural detoxification process.

However, note that this is not a weight loss treatment – you’ll have to revert to the good ol’ exercising and healthy dieting to shed some kilos. Depending on the body type and how your body reacts to the treatment, you can see a significant amount of lifting within the first try (now at a promotional price of $150, usual price is $400). But for the best results, it is recommended to select a package of eight sessions.

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For clearing skin problems

Can’t stand having to consistently apply concealer or a myriad of skin products to rid active acne and acne scars? Achieve a healthier and smoother complexion with EstheClinic’s painless Soothe and Becalm LED photomodulation treatment which helps purifies your skin from acne-causing bacteria. The intense but non-thermal blue and red light technology kills bacteria that causes acne in a fast and easy sweep (each session lasts about 20 minutes long) without harming the surrounding skin tissue. The treatment also calms acne breakouts and relieves the skin, allowing it to repair and return to a healthy, natural glow.

However, for the best results depending on your skin condition, the treatment requires a minimum of eight to 12 sessions to clear acne and regenerate the skin. Treatment is advised to repeat weekly for severe cases.

The Wellness Clinic
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For removing eye bags

Let’s face it: like wrinkles, eye bags can make you look older and tired all the time. But what if you can get rid of them without undergoing surgery? The Wellness Clinic provides non-surgical treatment for eye bag removal via the 3D Eye Bag Removal. The procedure uses a combination of high intensity focused ultrasound guided energy and a subdermal laser that addresses the fat under the eyes, skin laxity and skin pigmentation that includes dark circles. Unlike most, this one requires no maintenance treatment.

The Sloane Clinic
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For lifting sagging skin

Say goodbye to saggy skin with the Sloane Clinic’s Ultherapy procedure that uses medical ultrasound for non-surgical skin tightening. It goes skin deep (see what we did there), working on the target tissue below the surface without harming the outer layer of skin for long-lasting benefits of facial firming and lifting. Expect lifting of the brow line to reduce the appearance of droopiness on the eyelids, smoothing of crows’ feet and ultimately, giving a refreshed look to the eyes. Sagging skin on the cheeks are also tightened and lifted which also improves folds from the nose to mouth as well as from the mouth to jaw. This also results in a more defined jawline and overall improvement in skin texture.

This non-invasive treatment requires no injection but may result in a warm prickly sensation beneath the skin when the ultrasound energy is being delivered in the target tissue. It takes about 60 minutes and thereafter, you are allowed to return to your normal activities. Do note that your skin may appear slightly flushed post-treatment but any redness will subside within a couple of hours.

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For body sculpting

If you’re eating right and exercising but need the extra push to achieve your desired silhouette, check out the painless Zeltiq CoolSculpting where it helps rid love handles, post-pregnancy bulge and stubborn fat areas. As its name suggests, this non-invasive procedure uses controlled cooling technology – cryolipolysis – to eliminate stubborn fats. The targeted area is suctioned between two cooling plates which cools the fat to just above freezing for an hour, resulting in crystallisation and the breakdown of fat cells. The fats released are then naturally processed by the body. Unlike liposuction, there is no downtime and you can resume to regular activities after.

Amaris B. Clinic
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For removing body hair

Despite being an affordable alternative, shaving and waxing is a temporary hair removal fix that reduces the appearance of body hair but it doesn’t slow down hair growth as effective at laser hair removal. The latter targets hair at the deep follicle that causes it to grow slowly and thinner as opposed to shaving. Amaris B. Clinic uses a treatment that removes hair by vaporising hair follicles via laser pulses. For the uninitiated, this can feel like warm pinpricks, being bitten by red ants or having a rubber band snapped against the skin, and usually lasts within seconds.

The duration of the treatments depends on the size of the targeted area as well where the upper lip takes minutes while larger areas such as the back and legs may last up to or more than an hour. The costs also depend on the treatment area, size and the number of sessions required which is broken down by the doctor during consultation.

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