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Where to buy mooncakes in Singapore 2017

Here are seven places to buy mooncakes for your Mid-Autumn Festival 2017 celebrations

Mid-Autumn Festival rolls around on October 4 this year and you don’t want to waste your calories on a mediocre mooncake. We pick seven places to get the best mooncakes to indulge in.

Traditional: VLV

Lotus paste with salted egg custard mooncake ($62 for a box of eight).

VLV's traditional mooncakes actually aren't all that conventional. Inspired by its best-selling custard salted egg charcoal buns, these mooncakes have a creamy salted egg custard core – a change from the usual solid yolk. There's also an indulgent white lotus paste and black sesame liu sha one that oozes black sesame lava when you bite into the gold-dusted charcoal pastry.

Available until Oct 4 at VLV Restaurant.

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City Hall

Snowskin: Janice Wong

Pillow Soft Snowskin Mooncakes ($65 for a box of nine)

Janice Wong’s beautifully marbled Pillow Soft Snowskin Mooncakes come filled with chocolate low sugar white lotus paste. Flavours include salted caramel, gula melaka pandan and, a fun one filled with praline poprocks. It also has a delectable range of baked mooncake selection in flavours like black sesame and traditional lotus salted egg yolk ($58 for a box of 7).

Available until Oct 4 at Janice Wong Singapore at National Museum Singapore and Paragon.

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Chocolate: Grand Hyatt Singapore

Chocolate-Mint Fondant Mooncakes ($69 for a box of eight)

Cut into the chocolate-mint fondant mooncake (or eat it whole) for a blend of white and dark chocolate flavours, finshed with a refreshing mint fondant centre. Another unique flavour to try is the hotel's Violette & Gin snowskin mooncakes that are infused with Tanqueray No. 10 gin and crème de violette liqueur.

Available until Oct 4 at mezza9 and the Lobby shop on the hotel’s ground floor.

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Durian: Goodwood Park Hotel

D24 Durian Snowskin ($66 for a box of four)

Goodwood Park Hotel's D24 Durian Mooncakes are always a safe bet for creamy and fragrant morsels that hit the spot. It also introduces two new flavours this season, an apple cider snowskin mooncake ($36) and a root beer snowskin mooncake ($36) that has a hint of vanilla and rum.

Available until Oct 4 at Goodwork Park Hotel and various mooncake booths at shopping centres.

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Five grain: The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore

White lotus seed paste with five grains ($72 for a box of four) 

Here's one for the health nuts. Ritz-Carlton's five grain (or wu ren) mooncakes come packed with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, walnuts, oats and sesame seeds for a crunchy good time.

Available until Oct 4 at The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore.

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Packaging: Crystal Jade

Mickey & Minnie Assorted Mini Snowskin Mooncakes ($78 for a box of 8)

Featuring a handsome lacquered box embossed with a golden image of Mickey mouse, this mooncake series wins our vote for best packaging this year. Inside, you'll find a mix of four flavours – pandan lotus with gula melaka, chocolate manuka honey, chocolate and Japanese yuzu, and white lotus with a molten-centre raspberry truffle.

Available until Oct 4 at Crystal Jade outlets.

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Unusual: Bakerzin

Bold Collection ($66 for a box of four)

Ginger, tom yum, American ginseng and sakura ebi mooncakes anyone? It might sound strange, but if you're looking to shake up your mid-autumn festivities this year then Bakerzin's Bold collection is right up your alley. Its Supreme Collection ($60 for a box of four) comes with slightly less adventurous flavours – chicken bak kwa wu ren, tangerine wu ren and classic melon seed mooncakes.  

Available until Oct 4 at Bakerzin outlets and Takashimaya B2.

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What makes – or breaks – a good mooncake

Baked mooncakes

The paste of a well-made mooncake should adhere to the thin shell. If there’s yolk, it should be embedded in the paste and not crumble easily. Needless to say, oily liquid shouldn't be oozing out. If you need more than visual cues, then trust your nose: the mooncake should have a fragrant, sweet smell.

Snowskin mooncakes

The outer layer on snowskin mooncakes should be stretchy with the consistency of mochi. It shouldn’t be overly starchy or taste like dough. If the mooncake has an artificial flavour – it's probably because it's heavy on the food additives – you’re better off not eating it.