Teaspoon of Love Da Hong Pao Burnt Cheesecake
Photograph: Teaspoon of LoveDa Hong Pao Burnt Cheesecake

Where to try trendy burnt cheesecake in Singapore

Get a slice of this cheesy, gooey treat

Fabian Loo

You’ve probably seen an image of this treat on your Instagram feed – a gooey cheesecake crowned with a gloriously blackish-brown top. While the burnt cheesecake is not a new creation, this cheesy treat is making a comeback during this stay-home period. And while aspiring home bakers are tackling the challenge of making their own version, those who don’t have an oven (or the patience) can still get a slice of this trendy treat. We’ve rounded up top spots in the city – from eateries to home-based businesses – that deliver burnt cheesecakes to your door.

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Restaurants and bakeries

  • Spanish
  • Chinatown

This Spanish restaurant serves one of the best versions of the trendy treat. The cheese tart hits all the right notes: an alluring burnt crown, soft, melty centre (very important) and a delicious crust holding everything in. It’s available in mini, single-serve versions ($22 for two) of 3.5 inches in diameter, but you should really just go big with an entire cheesecake ($46 for 6.5 inches, $115 for 11 inches).

Minimum order $50
Delivery fee $5
Order here esquina.oddle.me/en_SG

  • Bakeries
  • Bukit Timah

What used to be a hidden gem in Empress Mall has become a popular hotspot for fresh bakes and artisanal pastries. While you’ll find cruffins, baguettes, and buns on the first few pages of its online menu, skip straight to the last page – that’s where the burnt cheesecake is hidden. It’s available by slice ($7.50) or a whole 8-inch cake ($62), and is only available for pre-order and pick-ups.

Minimum order $30 with $5 reservation fee
Delivery fee While Bakery Brera doesn’t provide delivery services, those hankering for its treats are welcomed to arrange courier services via Lalamove of GrabDelivery 
Order here www.bakerybrera.com/shop/

  • Contemporary European
  • Tanjong Pagar

Its menu might focus on small sharing plates inspired by Mediterranean flavours, but its burnt cheesecake is big cheese goodness and definitely not something you want to split with anyone else. Each ($70 for 350g) comes baked with a combination of cream cheese and Spanish cheeses, and features a glorious golden brown sheen that’s almost too pretty to cut into. But when you do, you’ll find the motherlode of creamy, cheesy, unctuous filling. 

Minimum order None
Delivery fee $17
Order here WhatsApp 8591 8651, or visit its website for the full menu

  • Contemporary European
  • Raffles Place

With a menu that pulls inspiration from Basque Country, it's no surprise to find a Basque-style cheesecake at this restaurant on Amoy Street. It might not come with the 'grammable soft centre, but its texture remains just as indulgent and creamy. The addition of Idiazabal cheese lends it a slight smoky-sweet note and makes for an irresistible treat. Each slice goes for ($16) while limited quantities of its whole cake ($78) are also available. If you’re heading down for pick-ups, enjoy a free slice of cheesecake with every order of $50 and above.

Minimum order $50
Delivery fee $8, free for orders above $100
Order here basquekitchenbyaitor.oddle.me/en_SG

  • Spanish
  • Chinatown

Olivia’s version is less cheese cake and more cheese tart, but still checks all the boxes of a killer dessert. There’s a beautifully toasted top, a creamy centre flecked with notes of blue cheese, and an almond sable base for crunch. The takeout menu features the cheesecake in sliced versions ($14) and as a whole cake ($45 for 5-inch, $76 for 8-inch). 

Minimum order None
Delivery fee $12-$25, varies according to your location, free for orders above $180
Order here WhatsApp 8296 0740, or view its menu here

Online stores

Teaspoon of Love

You’ll find single-origin tea leaves, sourced directly from farms in China, Taiwan, and Sri Lanka, at Teaspoon of Love. But sometimes, this online tea store, which doubles up as a bakery, uses its curated blends to create festive tea-infused treats. Its latest creation: a trendy burnt Basque-style cheesecake ($51.90) made with Da Hong Pao, a roasted oolong tea sourced from the mountains in Fujian, China. The leaves, prized for its deep toasty flavour, are used to help brighten the otherwise creamy dessert with floral, woody notes that makes it all too easy to finish the seven-inch cake in one sitting.

Order here tspoflove.com


On a typical day, Eliza Liew bakes gorgeous cakes with imaginative tiers of dinosaurs and tree barks. But during this period, she’s whisking up brownies and loaf cakes to help sweeten the stay-home humdrum. In particular, her Basque Burnt Cheesecake ($32 for 6-inch) is proving to be a hot-favourite. Each comes with a dense, creamy filling and soft middle, complete with a toasty top layer that makes for a great dessert. Pre-order slots are snagged up within 30 minutes – a testament to the cake’s taste and popularity. 

Order here Follow @sugarwhim for more information on the next pre-order slot 



A burnt cheesecake looks good in all its crackly glory, but over at Melted Bakehouse, it takes things up a notch with special renditions of the trendy dessert. The Forest Basque Burnt Cheese Cake (from $55.90) for instance, comes adorned with berries while the chocolate version (from $59) is made with a Valrhona chocolate fudge and a generous dusting of cocoa powder. If you’re already acquainted with burnt cheesecakes, Melted Bakehouse will make you fall in love with the sweet treat all over again with its unique options of lavender honey (from $59), matcha (from $59), and even truffle cheese (from $65.90).

ORDER HERE meltedbakehouse.shop


There’s only one item on its menu: a burnt cheesecake that comes in a golden brown crown and a gooey middle. And looking at these creamy creations, it’s easy to understand its appeal. The Muslim-owned home bakery uses Halal ingredients to create each seven-inch cheesecake ($49) that’s good for seven people. The fact that it is sold out for the entire month of June just makes these cheesy treats even more desirable.

Order here Follow @paparchsg for more information, and a chance to snag up its new batch of burnt cheesecake

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