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HIDDEN - A Rookwood Cemetery Sculpture Walk
Photograph: Supplied Artist: Jessie Stanley

Historic Rookwood Cemetery transforms into an art park this spring, with sculptures scattered around the picturesque surrounds

Rookwood Cemetery's annual outdoor sculpture event Hidden invites artists to respond to the history of the location and the role it plays as a site of love and remembrance for diverse communities within Sydney.

Controversial New Zealand artists Donna Turtle Sarten and Bernie Harfleet headline this year’s sculpture walk. Their work, 'Operation Ranch Hand', features 2000 bright orange aluminium leaves hung in memorial to those who died or suffered as a result of the use of Agent Orange and other defoliants during the Vietnam War. Also part of the exhibition is multimedia artist Kenneth Lambert’s work 'Apparition', which creates an immersive experience for audiences to explore shifts in colour and reflection. For the first time, Hidden also includes Flickering Stone, an international short film competition.

By: Polly Simons


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