NSW Visual Arts Emerging Fellowship

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NSW Visual Arts Emerging Fellowship 2018 finalists portrait photographer credit Maja Baska
Photograph: Maja Baska

Preview tomorrow's contemporary art-scape today, with Artspace's annual round-up of emerging art stars

This partnership between Create NSW and Artspace highlights emerging artists and offers one of the finalists $30,000 for the purposes of a self-directed program of career development. But it's also one of the most exciting and provocative contemporary art exhibitions in the city, and this year's is particularly strong and wonderfully diverse. The exhibition ranges from coppersmithing, through to video, and immersive rooms that offer a different kind of sensory stimulation. EO Gill won the major prize for their collaborative films and installations looking at queer intimacy in often unexpected ways.

The 2018 NSWVAEF finalists are Kieran Butler, EO Gill, Biljana Jancic, Shivanjani Lal, JD Reforma, Marikit Santiago, Georgia Saxelby, Shireen Taweel, Kai Wasikowski, and Jodie Whalen.

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