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An Espresso Martini bar is opening in the Rocks

Written by
Emily Lloyd-Tait

Getting your buzz on in the city is set to have a whole new meaning.

Some people reckon variety is the spice of life, but for a whole other group, you find a thing you love and then stick with it. As a result we've been gifted with craft beer bars, gin bars, whisky bars and incredible wine bars, but there's a new bar set to open on Friday, August 12 that is taking it's specialist tendencies to a whole new level: meet Tuxedo, the Espresso Martini bar.

Tuxedo is the brainchild of Ben Sweeten, who also brought you the brilliant breakfast brisket and waffle combo at Kansas City Shuffle. Now he is turning his attention to the space next door where you'll be able to order up six versions of the classic coffee and vodka cocktail, plus more of the American-inspired bar food his venues are famous for. 

Before you get nervous we've come a long way with batched cocktails in the last few years so there's no reason to fear the classic Vodka Espresso on tap, but for something a little softer and more floral you'll want to take first dibs on the cold drip number. Of course if it's dessert time, spike your coffee with the vanilla and caramel flavours of rum with a splash of chocolate bitters to bring it all into balance.

We know even the most staunch coffee fan will have to concede there are limits to how much caffeine is sensible at night, so there will also be a wine list featuring rare and unusual drops and beers from Young Henrys for when you just want a refreshing ale.

This will be Sydney's first bar dedicated to one cocktail, but they've picked a crowd-pleaser because nothing will pick-you-up and cool-you-out faster than an Espresso Martini, and that's why they're opening a bar in its honour. 

Tuxedo, 195 Gloucester St, The Rocks 2000.

Open Fri Aug 12.

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