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Quay is closing for a major renovation

Peter Gilmore and John Fink
Photograph: Nikki To

Have you ever dined at Quay? This Sydney dining institution has been setting the global standard for fine dining in its famous harbourfront location for 16 years, during which they have won countless awards and made an icon out of their dessert, the snow egg.

And now they are planning to renovate the glassed-in dining room and launch a whole new era of fine dining at Quay in mid-2018, so you'll need to get in quick to book a taste of classic Quay service and strike the most beautiful lunchtime degustation off your bucket list. Once they call time on the first edition they'll be letting TZG Architects into the space to weave their magic (they are responsible for the beautiful Bennelong restaurant just across the cove).

Instead of the big, airy dining room of yore they're going to be shrinking the number of seats and creating what they're calling "intimate dining pockets" that follow chef Peter Gilmore's culinary evolution to a destination unknown, but presumably delicious and expensive. And they are remaining mum on whether the snow egg will stay on the new menu so if you've never had the pleasure now's the time to plunge into your savings. And then do it all over again to try Quay 2.0.

Quay will close for three months of renovations from March 19, 2018. 

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