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The yellow and white side of the Retro RV sits in a grassy paddock
Photograph: Supplied

Check out these super cute Retro RV campervans that you can hire for a weekend roadie

Look like you're in a Fleetwood Mac music video on your next coastal trip

Written by Maya Skidmore

Australian road trips are soaked in nostalgia for most of us. Visions of long, sun-soaked days winding down brilliant coastal roads with '70s beach beats rolling along with us, are the stuff that the most perfect dreams are made of. In the business of everyday life, the carefree days of old can sometimes seem too far away to touch – but that’s exactly why retro travel has decided to make a concerted (and very cute) comeback. First up, we have seen the resurgence of retro motels, but now (someone, please, alert the ghost of Bob Hawke) - we have this insanely gorgeous fleet of retro RV vans that you can now hire to get you there – or anywhere, for that matter. 

Two people sit outside next to a peach coloured retro RV
Photograph: Supplied

Now exclusively available on Camplify, these lovingly restored vans are original 1970s VW Kombis that have had their shoddy 70s VW engines replaced with fuel-efficient, 21st-century overhead cam Subaru engines that won’t leave you stranded on the side of the M1 with three salt and vinegar chips as your only sustenance. Fully equipped with reverse cycle air-con and heating (when you’re hooked up to a powered site), automatic transmission, comfy in-built beds that sleep two happy campers, USB ports, bar fridges, bespoke kitchen joinery and ambient lighting, these glossy campers make you look like you’re in a Fleetwood Mac music video – but with all the modern comforts that will get you on the road and back again in one piece. 

Ranging in hire cost from $160 to $200 per day, with a minimum of a two-day hire from the Camplify site, these epic lill' campers won't break your weekend bank, but will probably make you look like a very cool travelling folk star from 1973. What more does a person want? 

So, take to the road. The good ol’ days ain’t over just yet. 

The inside of the Retro RV on a country road
Photograph: Supplied

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