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Punters at Frankies
Photograph: Anna Kucera

It's official: Frankie's Pizza will close its doors on December 11

The leather-studded pizza gods won't be going out without a fight

Maya Skidmore
Written by
Maya Skidmore

We’ve got good news and bad news, but in time-honoured tradition, we’ll tell you the bad news first. In case you didn’t already know (and if you didn’t, we’re sorry) Sydney’s most beloved hard-rock rave cave and pizza paradise, Frankie's Pizza, will be demolished next year to make way for the new Sydney metro line, and the rag tag crew has just announced their very last night on the books will be Sunday, December 11 – a date that also (tragically) happens to be their tenth birthday. 

We know. It’s all too much. 

To counter this harrowing news, we quickly bring you the good stuff. Despite (or perhaps, in spite) of the relentless march of progress, Frankie’s will be going out in classic, leather-studded style with a cultivated run of ghoulishly good farewell events that are set to play out from December 1 to the final curtain call of December 11. 

Thursday, December 1 will be a night of revelry called Beginning of the End, while on Sunday, December 4, risqué performance night FreakFlag Events will be hosting the ominous sounding Final Feast, which the Frankie’s Instagram says “may land them in prison”.

On Monday, December 5, Frankie’s World Famous House Band will take to the stage to play one last rip roarin’ gig, while on Tuesday, December 6, TNT Trivia will put on their final squizzy show, with punters playing for the chance to win an entire year’s supply of Young Henry’s beer. 

On Wednesday, December 7, 2000s Aussie rock legends Wolfmother (that’s right, WOLFMOTHER) will be playing on stage alongside Hard Rock Karaoke; on Thursday, December 8, the venue will get an appearance from the Casanovas; while on Saturday, December 10, absolutely everybody is invited to come along and Kiss Frankie’s Goodbye.

All the festivities will come to a head on Sunday, December 11, with the venue’s tenth birthday do’ and all-round big night out that they’ve aptly labelled Frankie’s Goes to Hell. If you’re keen to farewell Sydney’s red-lit pizza demigods, we suggest lining up early. This one looks big. 

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