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Cheese toastie at Little Lord
Photograph: Anna Kucera

Little Lord converts to a fully vegetarian menu

Emily Lloyd-Tait

Vegetables are winning hearts and minds in 2018, with the news that another venue has ditched meat from their menu. In late 2017 Graeme and Jax Alexander made the decision to make the menu at their little vintage-styled café, Little Lord, a meat-free offering. They also scotched the paper menus in favour of the more sustainable blackboard. 

They recruited help for the change from Hugh Piper (Dear Saint Eloise, Bad Hombres) on how to keep a vegetarian menu evolving and have landed on a set-up that includes two rolls, a seasonal bruschetta, a granola, a panzanella salad, their famous three-cheese toastie and eggs with creative sides like a mini tomato salad with French beans, kale and pecorino oil; or peas, sugar snap peas, mint, miso butter and white sesame. You won't even miss the bacon if they have anything to say about it.

Photograph: Graeme Alexander

The poached egg roll comes with house-made pickles and salsa verde, and the other features roasted broccoli and a homemade fermented chilli aioli. The bruschetta currently stars a smoked borlotti bean base, white beetroot, a lemon and fermented chilli dressing, beetroot tops and dill; and the granola is sweetened with maple and paired with lavender yoghurt and poached plums. 

They're keeping things local and sustainable by making their pickles, preserves, hot sauce and salsa verde in house, along with their cakes and pastries. It's really just a big ole' love-in for mother earth, and a big boon for veggos who would like a bit more variety on the café breakfast front.

Photograph: Graeme Alexander

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