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Four ice cream sandwiches on a marble counter
Photograph: Supplied

Messina has teamed up with Hoy Pinoy to bring you the ultimate ice cream sandwich

The Filipino favourite will be available for two days only

Written by
Elizabeth McDonald

Messina Eats has emerged from its Covid slumber and is making a triumphant return in collaboration with barbecue and smoked meats maestros, Hoy Pinoy. For the uninitiated, pre-pandemic the gelato giants would team up with one of the nation's most beloved savoury eateries and unleash flavourful, mad-scientist level mash-ups from the parking lot of their Rosebery location. They've previously teamed up with Mary's, Mr Miyagi, and Wonderbao to name but a few. 

In true Filipino style, the Hoy Pinoy team will be bringing the ultimate ice cream (ok fine, gelato) sandwich to the masses who are sure to lap it up in droves. After the devastating news of the annual Night Noodle Market's postponement where Melbourne-based Hoy Pinoy was set as a major drawcard, Sydneysiders were left with a Hoy Pinoy sized void to fill. This collaboration is just the thing to scratch that itch. 

Bringing their open-air Filipino barbecues all the way from Melbourne, the team will be be set up and smoking out the neighbourhood from noon on Friday, May 13 and Saturday 14. Their classic marinated chicken and pork skewers are back as well as a few new specials; enter, Messina's famous scoops. The Monay Milk Bun comes with your choice of four special gelato flavours: ube, leche flan, cheese or pandan gelato. There will also be a Buko Pandan Shake for the weekend of sweetened coconut milk with pandan jellies.

An extra special treat for the weekend will be Hoy Pinoy's new release Boodle platter, which is a smorgasbord of boneless beef short rib in bistek tagalog glaze, smoked inasal wings, longganisa (smoked sweet pork sausages), rice, Filipino pickles and spicy banana ketchup. Push yourself straight into inelegant territory with fries loaded with pork belly and cheese and you've got yourself a plan.

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