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Ten things you're probably thinking when Sydney's trains are delayed

Sydney train delays, Emoji on train image
Photograph: CC/Emmett Anderson

Dear Sydney trains, we truly do value your company and need you in our lives, but sometimes the way you act confuses us. It feels like anything might set off your erratic behaviour and delays – light rain, a power outage, a major CBD event, or generally the timeframe of 8-9am. Here are a few thoughts we have when Sydney’s trains are running late. And we bet you've had them too. 

1. Maybe it won’t be that bad? No, don’t be a fool, we done this all before.

2. In the hour and a half it’s taken to make this 15-minute morning journey, we could have fit in a lap around one of Sydney’s fab running routes and grabbed one of the city’s best breakfasts. We’re officially mourning the morning.

3. Should we brave the bus? We certainly don’t have those route numbers memorised and we might end up in the eastern suburbs, but hey, getting stranded at the beach beats sweating like sardines in a motionless train cabin.

4. If everyone just moved down we could totally fit these 67 people waiting on the platform...

5. Maybe we should buy a bike. Or try those zoomy electric rental ones. Can we still ride a bike?

6. If we'd walked, we could have explored some of the city’s parks or laneways. If we ever crawl to the next stop, perhaps we’ll get off and stroll the rest of the way.

7. Don’t stress, the boss is probably late too.

8. We bet Gladys Berejiklian isn’t stuck on a train. Could she please pass a law making deodorant mandatory?

9. We finally understand why that disco dance is called “The Bus Stop” – because there’s no room to break out any killer moves on a Sydney train station.

10. They should make high school start at 11am so the uniformed youth don’t clog up the trains. We don’t need to know whether or not Cassandra and Damien are going to sit together for geography.

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