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The Royal National Park has been ranked as the best stargazing spot in Australia

Sydney, we're winning

Written by Maya Skidmore

Australia is known for its plethora of pristine national parks, stretches of untouched wilderness, and, (arguably, most spectacular of all), its abundance of brilliant starry skies. Even though Sydneysiders might struggle to get a good glimpse of the bazillions of stars that lie above our city skyline, it definitely doesn’t take us long to find them. The Royal National Park is only a 54-minute drive from the CBD, and according to the travel experts over at the Next Vacay, it has been voted as the very best place for Instagrammable stargazing in all of Australia. 

The Royal National Park is the second oldest national park in the entire world. Accessible from Sydney via an easy public transport trip, or just a short drive, this jewel in NSW’s nature crown is spilling with blue lagoons, emerald waterfalls and spectacular beaches that all offer plentiful opportunities for the most beautiful kind of escape. This, compounded with its low levels of air and light pollution, means that it has taken the cake for the top Instagrammable stargazing hotspot in the country. 

This call was made after analysing 30 of Australia’s most popular national parks and ranking them based on the number of hashtags on Instagram, from most to least popular. The Royal National Park clocked in with a hefty 165,307 stargazing photos under the hashtag, with it also winning off the back of further analysis of search demand data. 

Winter is recommended as the best time to head to the Royal National Park to camp and see the stars, with the crisp nights allowing better visibility and unobstructed views. It is also suggested that if you are headed out on a starry mission, you do so when the moon is in a gibbous or crescent phase, so as to ensure the least amount of light in the sky as possible. 

So, grab your cameras and your squad and hit the road. Your 'gram, and your soul will thank you. 

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