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Bronte Baths at Bronte Beach
Photograph: Andrew Gregory; Destination NSW

Winter will be warm and dry in Sydney this year – which also means plenty of snowfall

Good news for one and all

Maya Skidmore
Written by
Maya Skidmore

July 14, 2023 update: As predicted (below), Sydney has just recorded its driest beginning of winter in 85 years (since 1938). This means that ski resorts have welcomed a strong start to the ski season, with plenty of snowfall. Because to have good snowfall up in the Mountains, you need sunny days in Sydney. Nice for Sydneysiders, nice for skiers and snowboarders – perhaps not so good for farmers.

Read on for our June 2, 2023 news about the dry winter that Sydney's having. Turns out the BOM's predictions were spot on...


In breaking weather news, it looks like this winter in Sydneytown (and across the whole country) is going to be warm, dry and pretty damn fine. 

In what is arguably the dream combo, the Bureau of Meteorology has forecast that we can expect temperate days, clear skies and overnight cold snaps this chilly season, with it looking to be a far drier winter than average. 

We still don’t have confirmation that La Niña’s angry brother, El Niño, will be making an appearance this year, but meteorologists are saying that we have a 50 per cent chance of it being a radically hotter and drier year than the ones we’ve just left behind – not that that would be that challenging

We can thank a ‘positive’ Indian dipole on the western side of Australia for a more liveable winter than usual. This weather pattern stops cold fronts and moisture from forming. The results? Clear skies, which in winter leads to cold nights with the occasional frost. 

Right now, we're still on El Niño watch, but until we find out for sure, you’ll find us getting out and about in Sydney in the winter sunshine, and then snuggling down at night. 

Winter, you’re doing it right.

Make the most of this weather news and get out and about on one of Sydney's best (and easiest) day hikes. After that, head on one of these gorgeous winter getaways, and then take a dip in one of these stunning natural hot springs across NSW. 

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