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Yes, us too – Time Out Sydney wiped from Facebook

The tech monopoly has made good on its threat and killed Australian publishers' pages

Cassidy Knowlton

You might have heard something on the news about how tech giants are putting the squeeze on Australian publishers. It's in response to government legislation that would require the tech giants to pay publishers for the news posted on their platforms. Well, overnight Facebook made good on its threat, preventing Australian publishers from publishing anything at all on Facebook. 

And it's not just the big news outlets like The Guardian and the ABC that are affected. Yours truly is among the outlets that have had our Facebook pages scrubbed, as are many of our friends and clients.

But who needs Mark Zuckerberg to have a good time? Bookmark these pages: 

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We don't want to be too navel-gazey and tell you Facebook's ban is going to hurt us. But it's worth noting that we're not the only ones swept up in this. Carriageworks art museum's page and Griffin Theatre Company's page have also been scrubbed. After a truly shocking 2020, it seems like an extra kick in the guts for the arts that venues are prevented from being able to tell people about upcoming exhibitions and shows.

Carriageworks Facebook page
Image: Carriageworks Facebook page
Griffin Theatre Company Facebook page
Griffin Theatre Company Facebook page

And it's not just arts and culture venues that are affected. Hospitality venues like Cargo have also had their posts removed. 

Cargo Facebook page
Cargo Facebook page

Facebook has long argued in defamation proceedings that it is not a publisher. But according to its own ban on publishers, well...

Facebook's Facebook page
Facebook's Facebook page

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