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Bacon and Egg Roll at The Shop and Wine Bar
Photographer: Anna Kucera

The best bacon and egg rolls in Sydney

It’s the hangover cure you can hold in your hands – and we’ve rounded up Sydney’s best

Written by
Jordi Kretchmer

We took it upon ourselves to traipse the streets of Sydney to find you the best bacon and egg rolls to fix any hangover, heartbreak or hard-earned snack.

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The best bacon and egg rolls in Sydney

Shop and Wine Bar
  • Bars
  • Bondi Beach

If you just want a simple, hand-held brekky it doesn’t get much better than the Shop's bacon and egg roll. The little café and wine bar isn't much bigger than size of a walk-in-wardrobe so the kitchen is tiny, but they’ve got their systems down pat. They warm up a soft, fresh brown roll, daub it with tomato relish and aioli, layer several crisp bacon rashes and cap it off with a fresh poached egg. Bonus points for the practical takeway foil wrap, which ensures it's not too messy to eat on the go. 

In the Annex
  • Restaurants
  • Forest Lodge

To any fan of a bacon and egg roll, the idea of a big leaf of kale entering the equation may seem blasphemous. But In the Annex manage to make the superfood both a tasty and functional addition. The sautéed leafy green nicely captures the runny yolk and chunky capsicum relish; add rashers of crisp bacon and a lick of garlicky aioli for a five-star finish.

Rolling Penny
  • Restaurants
  • Cafés
  • Newtown

Most of the time, cafés get bacon and egg rolls wrong: the bread is too dry, the bacon portioning too stingy, and atrocity of atrocities: the egg yolk is overcooked. Not at Rolling Penny in Newtown. Here, the breakfast roll sees a big white roll stuffed with two perfectly poached eggs, a heap of crispy bacon, a thicket of fragrant coriander and parsley, fresh spinach leaves and a slick of mayo and spicy house-made, sour tomato relish. Add a splash or two of Diemens hot sauce for extra punch, but really this is just a beautiful plate of food as is. 

  • Restaurants
  • Cafés
  • Milsons Point

The bacon and egg roll at this Kirribilli café is a banger sanger. A buttery, toasted, not sweet (huzzah!) bun holds two fried eggs, loads of rashers of bacon and a lick of aioli. Pair it with a milky coffee with beans from Black Drum and get it to takeaway, then wander down to Bradfield Park to enjoy it with some great views.

  • Restaurants
  • Italian
  • Sydney

This hotel café pumps out one of the better baco-eggos this side of the CBD. A buttery brioche roll topped with toasted sesame seeds holds a soft egg cooked in a ring. As such, it sits perfectly within the bun. No fancy chutneys here – just a swipe of barbecue or tomato sauce, and the bacon is is well cooked and plentiful. 

  • Restaurants
  • Burgers
  • Brookvale

This Northern Beaches burger stop do a mean breakfast bun, loaded with maple bacon, a fried free range egg and cheddar. They up their sauce game by adding both housemade barbecue and a special sauce onto the milk bun. If you don't feel like a burger they also do a mean breakfast jaffle, packed with bacon, egg, a crisp hash brown, melted cheese, sliced tomato, barbecue sauce and OBC’s house sauce.

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