Where to eat poke in Sydney

This fish salad from Hawaii is quickly catching on in Sydney – here's where to try it

Photographer: Anna Kucera

Poke (pronounced poh-kay), is originally a raw fish salad dish from Hawaii, sometimes served as an entrée on its own or on rice as a meal. The dish is heavily influenced by the Japanese donburi or rice bowl dish, with fish (commonly salmon, tuna, or kingfish) tossed with vegetables and served on seasoned rice. Sydney fish shops and cafés are now serving these summer-ready salad bowls all over the city – here are five to try. 

Where to eat poke in Sydney

Fishbowl Poke Bar

As the sun sets on the time of the sandwich bar, a new lunchtime hero emerges to high praise and extensive queues; the poke bar. Fishbowl in Bondi is tucked just off the main drag in a new arcade, but you’ll be able to pick it from the line of impossibly tanned, lithe figures snaking out the door. They’re waiting patiently to construct their very own poke bowl. It’s a pretty quick process, even with the queue, so once you’re done traipse over the street and eat by the beach.

Bondi Beach

Vida Surf Store

Now that smoked salmon is par for the breakfast course, it’s time to graduate to raw salmon, which here comes on a bed of quinoa and is mixed in with bright green soy beans, red and green onion, cucumber, red cabbage and a little seaweed salad. They dress the lot in a ponzu and sesame sauce that give everything that extra fresh citrus sweet kick, and while it doesn’t look huge, it’ll fill in all the edges.

Bondi Beach

Salmon and Bear

At Salmon and Bear, they’ve got two types of poké – salmon and tuna – which they serve with coconut rice and Asian greens. They're also offering fish tacos, fish burgers, salads and the Grizzly Plate – your choice of grilled fish plus sauce and two salads or sides.


Stitch Bar

This CBD basement bar are doing a mini poke bowl, which comes with crisp tostadas to scoop up the sliced fish. Complete your island getaway spread with a Cuba Calling #2 – it's a sharp, bright take on a Daiquiri, made with the citrusy punch of pineapple. All you need now is palm trees and a hammock.


Coogee Bay Hotel

Being by the beach is all well and good but once the sun goes down the surfboards, goggles and togs get put away and those sun-kissed bodies need a place to let off steam. And that place is the Coogee Bay Hotel. They've now got a pop-up going by the name of West Coast Trawler, which is doing Californian inspired poke bowls and fish tacos.


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Don't forget Poku at Chiefley level 2.