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Where to eat seafood in Sydney

Thanks to our vast coastline Australia is a travel destination for seafood fans. Here’s where to get the best from the big blue in Sydney

Photograph: Anna Kucera

Sydney is a seafood city – we love our fish and chips, we've got one of the biggest seafood markets in the country and everyone is going nuts for poke.

So where are the best restaurants for eating the ocean's gifts? Whether you want to get around a whole mud crab at Mr Wong, try freshly shucked oysters overlooking Blackwattle Bay or be adventurous and try fish offal at Saint Peter, these are the best seafood restaurants in Sydney. 

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Sydney's best seafood restaurants

Mr Wong

This upmarket Cantonese restaurant has ducks drying in the open kitchens, but if you’re really hungry order from the tanks of live seafood, packed with mud crab, lobster and pippies.

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Saint Peter

Young gun chef Josh Niland is in the kitchen, where he is dry-ageing his fish and embracing the idea of nose-to-tail dining by introducing Sydney diners to fish offal. 

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Queens Hotel

Mud crabs are the new dining status symbol. Forget lobster – either you can afford to shell out on the fleshy crustaceans (that usually go for $140-odd dollars a kilo) or you can’t, but if you can you should treat yourself to one bathed in kombu butter at Merivale's latest luxe pub.

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The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay

They take oysters so seriously at this waterfront fine diner that they have a menu dedicated to the briny bivalves with up to 15 regional varieties on offer. Seafood dominates the daily menu too, but for mud crab and rock lobster you need to order in advance.

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Seafood gets a starring role on the seasonal menu at this elegant restaurant up on Sydney’s northern tip. You can expect prawn-stuffed zucchini flowers and tagliatelle with bugs for entrées, and at least two fish mains like a bass grouper with peas, eggplant and guanciale or the fish of the day.

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Palm Beach

Golden Century

This famous late-night haunt is where Sydney’s hospitality crowds go when they’ve clocked off and need plates of pippies in XO sauce, coral trout or parrot fish and salt and pepper squid. 

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The best fish and chips in Sydney

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By: Tamar Cranswick

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