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50 best New York bars: Midtown East

One of our favorite New York bars happens to reside in Midtown East: An English gastropub perfect for tilting back a pint

Photograph: Filip Wolak
The Shakespeare

New Yorkers know how to drink, and well. Whether you’re a craft-beer connoisseur, a bar food aficionado or a rooftop bar regular, our nightlife-loving city has got the booze haunt for you.

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The Shakespeare

At the Shakespeare, British chef Robert Aikens’s suds-soaking classics are neither fussy nor slapdash. Ye olde knickknacks on the walls match dishes that don’t purport to be au courant, like Lincolnshire haslet, a well-salted slab of pork terrine laced with liver and bacon. The low-ceilinged rooms of worn wood act as refuge for the after-work crowd, like a biz-cas Where’s Waldo? spread, with pints of cask ale clinking at the humming bar and in the dining room across the hall.

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Murray Hill



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