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50 best New York bars: Park Slope

One of the city's most exciting and well-curated New York bars is also the best bar for beer and brown spirits in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Photograph: Caroline Voagen Nelson

New Yorkers know how to drink, and well. Whether you’re a craft-beer connoisseur, a bar food aficionado or a rooftop bar regular, our nightlife-loving city has got the booze haunt for you.

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Pork Slope

Critics' pick

Former Top Chef contender Dale Talde launched his dive bar, Pork Slope, not far from his hot Pan-Asian eatery, Talde. The project, opened with his partners in the first restaurant, was designed as a trashy homage to Patrick Swayze’s schlocky classic Road House, complete with a pool table, a PBR sign and taxidermied boars’ heads. The selection of brown spirits and cold brews on tap is more impressive than you’ll find in most New York dives—with harried bartenders who know the difference between a Sixpoint Bengali Tiger and a Full Sail IPA, a small-batch Kentucky bourbon and one from upstate New York.

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Park Slope