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“I love what they’ve done here.”
“I love what they’ve done here."

A bluffer’s guide to Art Month

Everything you need to get you through the highlights of Hong Kong’s cultural calendar

Written by
Graham Turner
Douglas Parkes

Ahh, Art Month. A regular love/hate affair, while we adore the fantastic art on display, the attendant parties and the fact that this is the one time of the year Hong Kong actually pays attention to the arts, the pretention and snobbery can get a bit much. Going to almost any of the big art events can be an intimidating experience – after all, how many of us are suffficiently knowledgeable to critique what we’re seeing? And, like every city, Hong Kong has its fair share of wine-swirling pseuds only too happy to spout highfalutin twaddle.

But worry not. Time Out is here to help you separate the Pollocks from the bollocks. Here’s a cheeky run down of everything you need to know about the city’s main art shows coming up this March.

Bluffer’s guide to Art Month

Harbour Arts Sculpture Park

Harbour Arts Sculpture Park

When is it: March 15-April 11
What is it: Central and Wan Chai Harbourfront transformed into a sculpture park
Expect to see: Sizeable works of sculpture by a number of internationally renowned artists.
Do say: “Bearing witness to sculpture outside the confines of a gallery setting has totally redefined my perception of the discipline.”
Don’t say: “Those Kusama pumpkins are really overexposed nowadays.”

A newcomer to Hong Kong Art Month, this sculpture park takes over the entire harbourfront promenade between Wan Chai and Central. It boasts some exceptional pieces by some 20 emerging and renowned local and international contemporary artists. Great for a nice walk and a dose of culture at the same time, let’s hope this one makes a return next year.

HK Walls

HK Walls

When is it: March 24-April 1
What is it: Hong Kong’s biggest celebration of street art
Expect to see: Colourful murals – and attendant Instagrammers – all over Central and Western.
Do say: “Move over Banksy!”
Don’t say: “What affect do you think this will this have on property prices?”

A very different animal here. There’s less pretention in the artwork but still a bunch of cooler-than-thou attendees. Still, the awesome graffiti work makes it more than worthwhile. Spreading all over Central and Western District, as well as the art the event also features live painting sessions and a pop-up print exhibition that’re also well worth your time.

Looking for other art shows to see?

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