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10 Buddhas to look out for at the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery

Written by
Holly Graham

Religion is sacred. However, we also like a bit of fun at Time Out Towers. And so do the 10,000 Buddhas in Sha Tin. So we’ve picked our top 10 favourite Buddhas at Man Fat Tsz and we’re suggesting their alter egos. All in jest, of course. 

Air Guitar Buddha
Take this musical dude. We’re pretty sure he knows how to rock out. Left without a stage, he’s made use of a fish in place of a platform and this guy is going to shred until the turtles come home. We reckon he’d do some great renditions of Hendrix classics. 

Buddy Buddhas
These guys are BFFs. Among the however-many-Buddhas in the monastery (because there’s definitely not 10,000 like the name would suggest), they seem to have bonded over a love of red lips and a penchant for gold. They’re there for each other through thick and thin, for the good times and the bad, and that’s what makes them bezzies for life.   

Because just being one Buddha isn’t enough, this guy is a Buddha within a Buddha. Some sort of Buddha-ception. But what if there’s another Buddha within the Buddha that’s already in the Buddha? Somebody call Christopher Nolan quick smart.

Selfie Stick Buddha
Selfie sticks have become quite the love-it-or-hate-it photo accessory since they first became attached to narcissists the world over. But you can’t be mad at this guy. His arms are long enough to take the perfect selfie, without pissing people off. He’s a good friend to have around in group selfie situations and he must be really good at getting stuff off of tall shelves, too. 

Shakespeare Buddha
Some of the Buddhas, historic in their own right, represent other historic figures from the world over. This one bears an uncanny resemblance to William Shakespeare, the Bard of Avon. We’re not sure if this Buddha has written his own material but he could probably do well as a Billy Shakespeare lookalike and bag a few gigs.

Singing Buddha
Probably one of the happiest souls on this list is the singing Buddha. The hills are alive with the sound of his music. Okay, obviously we can’t really hear him but just look at the guy. We’re pretty sure he’s belting out some Canto classics and giving it all he’s got. Probably best not to take him to karaoke, though. He’ll definitely hog the mic.

Jesus Buddha
In an amalgam of religions, this Buddha sports a haircut and beard similar to that of Jesus Christ in many images. He’s looking particularly Zen too, probably something to do with having perfectly coiffed locks and hip facial hair. And would you look at those gold robes? We can't decide if he’s a Jesus Buddha or a style icon.

Arm-Eyes Buddha
Sorry not sorry. We can’t sugarcoat it – this Buddha is the stuff of nightmares. With arms in place of his eyes, this Buddha looks to be straight out of the terrifying creature machine that is Guillermo del Toro’s mind. He wouldn’t look out of place alongside the Pale Man, the eyes-on-his hands frightener that everyone remembers from del Toro’s acclaimed scary fairytale Pan’s Labyrinth.

Eyebrows Buddha
This Buddha seems incredibly chuffed with his spectacularly long eyebrows. Not a sucker for beauty regimes, he’s let them grow in all their glory. But bushy they are not. This guy knows how to keep epically long eyebrows looking kempt, that’s for sure.

Cannot Unsee Buddha
We’re not sure what this Buddha has just witnessed but whatever it is, it cannot be unseen. The thousand yard stare may be one of trauma, but we like to think he’s just stumbled on something awesome that’s blown his mind. The secret to enlightenment, maybe?


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