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Anthropomorphised bear Kumamon introduces 12 days of buffets at The Mira Hotel. Obviously.

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Time Out Hong Kong

The adorable black bear whose rosy cheeks have had Japan swooning is set to introduce a series of buffet evenings at the luxury hotel’s Yamm restaurant in Tsim Sha Tsui. A real-life giant Kumamon – well, someone in a bear suit at least – will make an appearance and even perform his ‘joyful dance’ at the opening on the 28th November – who doesn’t love a joyful dance?

The epitome of the cuteness obsession known as kawaii, Kumamon was conceived by the Kumamoto prefecture’s government to entice tourists to the area but quickly took the whole country by storm, achieving global recognition for his talents, and even appearing in video games and movies.

Don’t worry, they’re taking the food seriously. Kumamoto specialist chef Taketo Fukuda introduces regional specialties like karashi renkon – fried lotus root filled with spicy miso-mustard paste – and bu-en sushi – a traditional version of chirashi sushi made with vinegar cured fish, with no salt. Other highlights using ingredients from the prefecture include grilled octopus steak, silky uni tofu jelly, and Amakusa snapper soba with Kyushu soy sauce. Sam Sinha

Nov 28–30: $668 (Adult) $398 (Child)
Dec 1–10: Mon–Thu: $718 (Adult) $448 (Child)
Fri–Sun: $788 (Adult) $448 (Child)

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