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Exclusive: Pirata Group announces its latest concept 'Balls'

Written by
Holly Graham

Hong Kong's rapidly expanding Pirata Group has given us a sneak peek of its new meatball pop-up Balls. Yes, we've all had a giggle at the name. Bet you have too. Any innuendos from here on out may or may not be intentional, your call.

Hot on the heels of the groups' brand new opening Meats and joining the stable of solid eateries including Pirata, TokyoLima, Pici and The Optimist, this no-reservations meatball-centric restaurant will only be open for 100 days on Wan Chai's Star Street. With a colourful, retro pop themed interior, this 40 seater also has outdoor terrace seating. The pop-up sees Pirata Group chefs serve up their own meatball recipes, alongside starters and desserts.

Tasty balls include TokyoLima chef Arturo Melendez's recipe Bolas Latinas with Peruvian aji panka red peppers and chef Alfredo Rodriguez's of The Optimist fishballs with squid and prawns on fragrant pilaf rice. Meats' chef Paddy McDermott is serving up MEATSballs of rotisserie chicken with blue cheese and jalapeno relish and Pirata’s meatballs get the sub treatment in the Big Sub, topped with melted fontina cheese by chef Stefano Rossi. Pici's chef Andrea Viglione is rolling out Ste Palle! –homemade tagliatelle with pork and beef meatballs slathered in a spicy arrabbiata sauce.

free balling pirata group

Falafel balls Free Balling – a sneak peak of Pirata Group's next project

Last up is the vegetarian Free Balling – falafel, hummus and mint yoghurt sandwiched in warm pita bread – a preview of Pirata Group's 'top secret' new project. No doubt this upcoming project will have a Mediterranian/Middle Eastern vibe. All of the balls can also be found on the menus at the home restaurants of the chefs. 

Starters include mozarella di buffala and beef carpaccio whilst desserts include cinnamon jam Sweet Balls doughnuts served with vanilla custard sauce and Not Balls – soft-serve ice cream with rotating daily flavours. But, if you can't choose, there's The Juggler tasting menu, featuring two appetisers, three balls and one dessert at $248 per person. We reckon it'll be pretty hard to balls-up this dining experience so head on over and get balls to the wall!

Tue-Sun, midday-10pm. 1 November 2017-8 February 2018.

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