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Gig of the week: Hyukoh

Written by
Graham Turner

It's proving to be an ace week for live music  Benjamin Francis Leftwich having put on a stellar set at MOM Live House last night and the incredible Gig Week Hong Kong rolling along very nicely. However, we want to use this chance though to give props to Hyukoh. The Korean indie band are the quintessential music lover's band and it's great to see them selling out Music Zone @ E-Max ahead of their gig here tomorrow night (yeah, it's sold out, sorry).

If you haven't heard them before, Hyukoh have a solid musical core of pure indie, from which they stretch out in a multitude of directions with dalliances into heavy instrumentation, bizarre math rock time signatures and some interesting harmonising/vocal work.

They're really quite good, so if you can somehow score yourself a ticket for Wednesday's gig at KITEC, you'll be doing yourself a massive favour.

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