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LKF’s Hong Kong Brew House set to close

Written by
Douglas Parkes

It seems another Lan Kwai Fong institution is set to close following news that Hong Kong Brew House will soon be no more. Open since 2004, a veritable lifetime in terms of LKF, the popular pub is set to be replaced by a branch of Mexican fast food joint Cali-Mex, according to a report in the South China Morning Post. The Brew House was famous/infamous – take your pick – for the carpet of peanut shells that continually littered the floor and last year’s wounding of Ravi Kanasamoorthe by comedian Gary Jackson in a dispute about a stand-up comedy routine.

Given such facts, there are those who will shed no tears about the venue disappearing, but it’s a timely reminder about the impact of Club 7-Eleven and how cheap alcohol on the street is affecting the city's bar trade. Read our earlier investigation Is Club 7-Eleven’ killing Hong Kong's bar scene? here.

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