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Long arm of the boar: A wild pig was found hanging out at Tsuen Wan police station this morning because why not, honestly

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Time Out Hong Kong

So in news that probably should come as no surprise because Hong Kong, a wild boar rocked up to Tsuen Wan police station this morning – you know, just to chill. OK, we know what you're thinking – it must have been some sort of family reunion. Or that this particular little piggie went all the way home. If it was some sort of reunion though, no-one else really knew about it judging by the bemused faces of the various officers and officials old mate porky greeted upon his arrival. We're glad to report that no damage was done, though, and our curious swine was ushered out safely and back into the wild.

We'd caption the following photos, but really there's not much more we can add to them.

Seriously, Hong Kong – never change.

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