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Seafood Room suddenly closes after one year

Written by
Holly Graham

Seafood Room, a glam 10,000sq ft space in Causeway Bay, has suddenly shut its doors. The restaurant was Russian company Bulldozer Group’s first (and so far only) establishment in Hong Kong, and opened to much fanfare.

Occupying the top two floors of the equally new Tower 535, the restaurant boasted an impressive 2,000sq ft rooftop terrace with panoramic views of Victoria Harbour. Downstairs, the decor was elaborate, featuring art by Oscar-winning actor and artist Adrien Brody. 

Originally helmed by ex-J Sheeky head chef James Cornwall, Hongkongers quickly got over the hype after the initial hoo-hah died down, while critics (it scraped three stars from us) and punters alike bemoaned the excessive prices. There have been rumours of other problems, such as staffing and licensing issues, but no one would go on record to confirm.

High rent? Meh food? Poor positioning? We’ll probably never know the truth.

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