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Swing and Bang: Hong Kong's secret sex club

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Time Out Hong Kong

Picture the scene. Twelve handsome dudes and eight pretty chicks in various stages of undress draped over plush chairs in the lounge of an apartment in Central on a Thursday evening, readying themselves for a hot night of passionate sex with multiple partners. A guy with a muscular physique winks at a girl with a dragon tattoo. Another babe in a red bra and skirt makes a pass at two studs who are slightly perspiring and scantily clad in white towels. The smell of sex is already thick in the air and there’s an atmosphere of ardent anticipation. You can almost hear the hearts beating and feel the pulses racing. In the next few minutes one of these couples will break, drag each other to an adjoining bedroom and engage in hot, sweaty, no-holds-barred sex. And that’ll just be their first bonk of the night. Everyone in here will sleep with at least three or four others over the course of the next few hours. But who’s going first? Who’s going to break? Welcome to a sex party, Hong Kong-style. Welcome to Swing and Bang. Welcome to how I got laid four times in one night.

So, I’m a guy. And I love sex. Ever since I first fumbled with a girl, I’ve had a raging fantasy about getting down and dirty with multiple partners on the same night. But I never thought I’d actually do it, particularly as I’m now in my 30s and kinda past my experimental prime. However, I’ll never forget the day I stepped into that lounge in Central and got my rocks off in as many different ways as you could ever dream up. But first, before we hit the sexy details, let’s wind it back to the beginning. I mean, how did I ever get involved with this sex party club, Swing and Bang? And what is it?

My story started when a friend told me about a new online group which can make your fantasies come true. I mean, I’ve lived in Hong Kong all my life and I consider myself to be normal. A few girlfriends over time, nothing too serious. An intense job. A good family life. And sex from time to time, when I can get it. So when my pal said ‘did you know about Swing and Bang, a website that hooks up orgies?’, I was smitten. I went straight to, found out it was all about sex parties and not orgies, and signed up for some serious fun.

So, the site. When you log on to Swing and Bang, you get a forum, with posts from members in areas like ‘hot threads’, ‘exchanging thoughts’ and even ‘sticky rice love’. There’s also a ‘photo zone’ where you can see some pretty hot scenes from parties. But, until you’re a member of what I call the ‘inner circle’, it’s mostly just sexy posts from people like ‘pussy lover’ and ‘Abbylicious’ on anything from pulsating parties to the weather. The website design is like any other online forum but you need to sign up to get into the real site. Point of note: there are almost 10,000 members. That’s freakin’ loads. So my friend walked me through the sign-up process, which is an easy system where you just submit your name and a few personal details, and then you’re in.

The ‘inner circle’ site is much better. Once you’re a member, you can look over sexy swingers’ photos (with the faces blurred out, of course) and read tales of passion at the regular sex parties this group organises every week. And, of course, you can look at the roster of upcoming parties and put your name in the hat to see if you can join in the fun. Getting to the stage where you can join the parties, however, is a lengthy process. There are a few hurdles to jump over to make sure people are a) committed and b) not perverts. It’s strict. The hurdles: 1) you need to post at least nine times, thus contributing to the growing forum. The better quality your posts, the more chance you have of qualifying for parties. You need to impress the group organisers enough so they let you apply for sexy fun. 2) They have to like the naked photo of yourself that you send them, with the date written on it. If you’re a guy, you must be, ahem, excited in the photo. You must have a fit body and be good-looking. 3) You fill out questionnaires asking you anything from your profession to your libido. The Swing and Bang team needs to be impressed by your answers. 4) You get STD checks and a blood test. Of course, you have gotta pass these with flying colours too.

Once you’ve passed, though, you’re good to go. You get your own password and you get to know some of the people on the forum under their racy pseudonyms (I’m not telling you mine) but you’re strictly prohibited from knowing each other outside of the forum and the parties. By the time you’re a fully fledged member, you’re regularly chatting to others and entering this saucy fantasy world, where you can become whoever you want to be. It’s exciting, particularly hearing stories from others who frequent the parties. It was at this stage that the butterflies started fluttering in my stomach.

Now then, the pay. Being a member is free but there are different charges to go along to a party. It’s usually a price that varies according to where the event is held, as it costs more for, say, a hotel than someone’s apartment. Can be around the $1,000 mark for a dude, give or take. And it usually costs quite a bit less if you’re a girl. A bit like a ladies’ night. But no personal details are swapped, of course. And you can easily scour the forum for upcoming parties, organised by the group, and then just apply to go to one. So I did. They accepted me. And so it begins...

Getting the party started

The parties are held in different places in the city, like hotels and flats. There’s even been one on a tram, apparently. But the one I went to was held in an apartment in Central. I knew it was Central because I’d been given a rough address and a phone number. I had to take a spare change of clothes in a bag and a box of condoms. That’s it. So, I left work on this Thursday evening, dressed in my smartest suit and, when I got to the vicinity where I had been told to go, I texted the number and pretty soon I got a text back saying that a guy was coming to meet me. Shit. This was make or break time.

Finally my dude arrived. He was a local guy, probably in his 30s too, with a kindly face. He was wearing casual clothes and clutched a mobile phone. He identified me, introduced himself and produced a black blindfold. Now, I was apprehensive before this chap turned up. So imagine how I felt once this blindfold was introduced. But I told myself I’d come this far and I wasn’t legging it now. So I let him slip the blindfold on me in the middle of the street and then he led me through the winding Central back-alleys. I was disorientated in seconds. All I could see was black. All I could smell were car fumes and cooked food. All I could hear were engines, slamming doors and the sound of my own heartbeat. What the hell anyone who saw us thought was going on, I can only guess at. But I could ascertain that, in a few minutes, I was at an apartment block. The dude guided me inside, up some stairs, into a lift and up to, eventually, a room. I was operating on sound and smell only by this point.

Inside the room, my ‘guide’ sat me down on a chair and I could hear other voices in the room. It was intense. And really disorientating. Different people said hello to me and I was told to keep my blindfold on at all costs. But the voices seemed friendly enough, so I began to relax. And, after a while chatting, with my blindfold still on, a girl asked if she could wash me down. I was sweating. So she took me to another room and told me to take off my clothes, with my blindfold still on. I did and I was washed down thoroughly before I then put on the set of spare clothes I’d brought. There was nothing sexy here. Just the feel of a warm sponge in a hot shower held by a soft hand that I was longing to touch in the flesh. She checked me for any marks on my genitals and skin to make sure I was 100 percent healthy. I kept my blindfold on. I was used to the dark by now, operating on sound and touch alone. But I was not yet hard.

This girl called herself my ‘host’. Different indeed to my earlier ‘guide’. After I was washed and I dried myself, she took me back into the main room, where there was already an excited buzz, and a guy asked me if I’d like to ‘play’ with her. I said ‘sure, why not?’. Next thing I know, those soft hands I’d been longing to touch were on my face and body, exploring my skin as our lips touched and tongues entwined. I could not see this girl but I could taste her and smell her perfume. We made out in front of everyone as the talking stopped before she took me by the hand and led me to yet another room. Thank the stars. Finally, I was allowed to take my blindfold off.

The big bang

I was in a bedroom with white walls, a double bed with white linen sheets and little else except for this stunning girl, a few inches shorter than me, with pretty, piercing eyes and long, black, silky hair. She looked local and the way she was caressing my skin gave me the impression my ‘host’ had done this many times before. We kissed again. A deep, probing, lingering kiss. We then slowly unclothed each other and she dragged me down on top of her on the bed. I don’t need to describe what happened from here. My senses were heightened and so were hers. We were in that room for an hour and we made love several times. I was now a real member. I’d swung and banged.

After we’d had our fun and I’d adjusted to the light, we put a few clothes back on and went back into the main area where I could finally survey my surroundings. About 20 people sat there. I’d say about 12 guys and eight girls, all of different ages. The youngest was probably between 18 and 20 and the oldest was up to, maybe, 40. They were mostly local people but there was a gweilo and a guy who may have been from Southeast Asia. No-one was naked. Some wore towels or were fully dressed and most of them were lounging out on the soft chairs. The smell of sex was in the air for sure but it was intertwined with the smell of perfume and deodorant. Many of these guys and girls were above-average looking, with only a couple of guys sporting a paunch. Remember: these could have been policemen or teachers or stockbrokers or students.

It was a pretty plush apartment, about the size of a decent hotel room and was adorned with some classy art and tasteful fittings. My new-found friends were gathered around a few buckets of cold beers, alongside food spread across small tables. My feeling as everyone chatted and properly introduced themselves to me was that a lot of them knew each other well. I got a feeling that many of these people go to these parties all the time. It was a relaxed atmosphere. Nothing to do with the fact that, after an intimidating start, I was now super-relaxed myself...

More swingin' and bangin'

I tucked into the food and chatted with my new playmates. After no more than half an hour, another girl, more mousy than my ‘host’ but with bigger breasts and a smile that could kill, sparked up a conversation and then gestured me towards another bedroom. She led me inside, we undressed and we banged after a blowjob. Too crude? Who cares? This was another hour of sex, more intense than before as we played with positions and I lost any inhibition that I’d been harbouring.

Back in the main room, the swapping was picking up pace. Every so often, a guy and a girl would head off to a room and emerge 20 minutes later also red-faced and sweating. Sometimes they’d be locked in their lovemaking for up to an hour. Basically, when two people fancied a bit, they grabbed each other and headed off to swing and bang. Occasionally three people did it. And, sometimes, people made out in front of us. But mostly we chatted as a bro or chick moaned with delight from a bedroom. It was an almost soothing soundtrack to the night’s experience.

Worth a mention here is the wristband rule. There are plenty of rules to adhere to, particularly knowing to stop at all costs when someone says ‘no’, but the wristband method helps keep things working smoothly. Basically, some people who don’t want the fully blown experience wear a coloured wristband. The green one means they accept one-on-one sex only. Red means they don’t accept any physical contact at all. The orange one means contact is cool but just not on the sexual organs. But, of course, the wristbands can be swapped or taken off at any time. I didn’t wear one.

I was told by some of the party-goers that sometimes it can break down into an orgy. Some may have wanted that to occur on my night. But it didn’t happen. What did happen was two more occasions with two different girls in two different rooms. I’d chat along with my new friends and then catch a girl’s eye, wink or make a gesture towards a room and off we would go. Girl number three was tall and wore a red bra and skirt, both of which I tore off in a hurry. She was as sensual as the red suggested. My final chick was a sweet girl, probably early 20s, with a skinny body but, boy, she was up for anything. There’s something about meeting a stranger and sleeping with her just minutes after the introductions that can’t fail to excite.

The guys and girls said sometimes couples are allowed. But in my party it all seemed to be singles. And I was there until 2am. I haven’t got a clue how long some stayed after I left but they were perhaps the, ahem, more hardcore of the group. Either way, after the initial blindfold madness, I eased into the party and had a ball. And I don’t mean the innuendo there. I mean this was consensual adults having fun and, perhaps, never seeing each other again. I certainly haven’t. I’ve done it now. Fantasy fulfilled. No plans to do it again. But it’s given me incredible lasting memories.

Some people would not like this experience. It couldn’t be any more in-your-face. For guys, there’s a distinct lack of the chase and, for girls, you’re less chased and more winked at a lot. But you can also be who you want at a Swing and Bang event. This isn’t a traditional experience. It’s a sex party. You can lose yourself in a fantasy world where there’re few taboos and most activities are on the table. Quite literally. But don’t take it from me. With almost 10,000 members, take it from them. All other parties seem boring now. If you’re the kind of guy or gal who wants multiple partners in one night and you don’t mind being blindfolded in the streets, then do it. Swing. And then bang...

Head to to join up. Other groups include, started in 2002, and Swinger Bliss Club at

For our full article on Swing and Bang, check out Time Out issue 214 (available from August 10).

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