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There’s a pug-themed café in Tsim Sha Tsui

Written by
Holly Graham

Pug lovers look sharp. The recently opened Hungry Pug in TST is bringing pugs and gastronomy together in a fusion of food and canine love. (Yulin, you’re doing it wrong.)

The restaurant’s logo boasts a cute pug face and there’s a graffiti-style ghetto pug emblazoned one of the walls. The café is dog-friendly, as you’d expect, with guests allowed to bring their canine buddies along – provided they’re small and you hold them or keep them in their stroller (lol what). Yes, your pooch can come inside so long as he/she doesn’t touch a thing. Not even the floor.

As far as food goes, the menu is a mix of Western and Asian, including everything from a full English breakfast to Malay curry beef brisket. If your puppy love knows no bounds you can even get a cappuccino with a chocolatey pug’s mug dusted on top.

hungry pug coffee

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