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Time Out Hong Kong readers' sex survey: The results

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Time Out Hong Kong

Oh Hong Kong, you kinky little dragon, you. The results are in for the first ever Time Out Hong Kong readers' sex survey and we have to say, we're pretty impressed with your efforts. We received a huge number of responses over the past couple of weeks from a diverse range of horned up readers – mostly guys, it must be said, but all up with an age range between 19 to 60.

Here are our favourite responses:

Where's the weirdest place you've had sex in Hong Kong?

In a nightclub booth with a few other people about!


Junk boat

Public toilet stall in Wan Chai. There was a drug addict passed out in the next stall

Fringe Club

Tai O lookout pavillion

On one of the benches outside the ferry piers

Midnight in the back seat of a car on some Sai Kung highway

A pontoon at South Bay beach

On a hiking trail – masturbating against a rock

What's your ultimate Hong Kong sex fantasy?

While going up (hehe) in a high-rise, outward-facing elevator

Sex with multiple Magnum babes

I wish there was somebody who could push me to the table top in one of those galleys on a Cathay Pacific flight and have me there. With the signature uniform, of course.

To do it in either the Ngong Ping cable cars or the Ferris wheel in Central

Having sex on the ding ding

CY Leung's daughter

Sex with Sharon Kwok

To wear the Star Ferry uniform and be fucked on the top deck

A real life Basic Instinct leg-crossing scene in the MTR

Ever had a sex mishap?

A few years ago, my boyfriend and I were getting down and dirty after having spent the previous two weeks apart. At one point, we switched positions to standing. I was almost climaxing when my partner suddenly screamed and pulled out, whimpering. He pushed me to the side and jumped on the bed, shouting, "A cockroach ran over my foot! A fucking massive cockroach ran over my foot!" I quickly jumped on to the bed next to him, and started to laugh at his reaction. He grabbed a shoe and sat, completely naked with a hard-on, on the bed, waiting for the cockroach to reappear. After ten minutes, his boner long gone, I started to prepare myself to sleep. Suddenly, he jumped off the bed and started slamming the shoe on the ground, yelling, "YOU MADE ME LOSE MY BONER! I HATE YOU! I HAVE NO BONER BECAUSE OF YOU!" Needless to say, I was crying with laughter for a full hour after this (much to his annoyance) and it is still one of my most amusing memories to date.

She got a little too wet, and it went in the wrong hole... a little too easily?!

Snapped banjo string

Had anal and exploded all over the sheets because I wasn't prepared for that!

Condom came off when I had cum inside a guy and it disappeared in him!

I jizzed in the back seat of a taxi cab while getting a handjob, and I didn't clean up

The time where my braces got stuck in his penis skin and I pulled it and started bleeding

One time me and my boyfriend went hiking, we both got horny and starting doing it in the bushes. Things got messy when something cut him badly and he starting bleeding down his leg. It was such a turn off.

Life lesson: chilli clings to your fingers even after washing

Tell us about the best sex you've ever had...

At 3am after a few rounds of drinks in LKF, we decided to go to the guy's office which is nearby. We had sex everywhere - on the floor, on his desk. And the guy went back to the office next day, sitting at the same spot where he had me come just six hours before.

Just the right amount of rough with some fruit, champagne and bondage

Six-hour session at a hotel and the bed was drenched

Macau...rotating water bed

On a trip in a Japanese ryokan with my boyfriend. Best fellatio ever. Multiple orgasms but got serious tatami burn.

Being fucked by five different men on the same day

Under the stars in the New Territories with wine
Received oral after my first Brazilian

Ever been caught having sex? How?

Nearly. Whilst getting a massage and having sex with the lady, the person in the next room nearly walked in.

Got caught having sex in a car by a cop

Caught in the shower by my boyfriend's mother. I was a few months shy of 15, so she threatened to call the police and have him charged with statutory rape. She only relented when he assured her that he intended to marry me. Whatever it takes to keep a crazed Catholic mum happy!

Roommates came home early to our flat share and saw me bent over the sofa

Inside a classroom at the school of my ex when a security guard walked in

We were staying over at our friend's place, on the living room floor. We started getting frisky with the first rays of sunlight. Figuring nobody would be awake, we just got on with it. Said friend decided to go out of his room while we were intensely (though quietly) in action. He turned around and went back to his room, we finished up and never mentioned the incident.

Hong Kong, we applaud you.

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