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Top 10 Hong Kong Rugby Sevens outfits

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Time Out Hong Kong

Haven't got your Sevens costume yet? Try some of these ideas out for size...

It’s Rugby Sevens season and we’re preparing our ridiculous costumes for the South Stand. And our top pick this year? Doraemon. A whole generation has grown up with the smiley blue robotic cat who makes for an ace getup. Plus, with the release of cinematic tearjerker Stand By Me and the recent death of Cantonese voice actor Lam Pou-chuen, it’s a fitting tribute to Nobita and the gang.

2 That dress
It’s been this month’s big viral debate – is that dress white and gold or blue and black? Basically, some chick sent out a photo of a blue and black dress but, due to certain colours in the background, some people’s brains perceive the item as white and gold. So, if the dress messes with your head online then surely it’ll mess with loads of people’s heads after 10 pints in the South Stand.

Has the onesie finally had its day? Probably. But they’re so darn comfortable and make for easy fancy dress outfits, despite the mercury being on the rise again. With it being the Year of the Sheep (or Goat or Ram) and the Shaun the Sheep film fresh in everyone’s minds, this could be the perfect chance to find a woolly onesie for the ruggers.

CY Leung
The Sevens wouldn’t be complete without our Chief Executive making an appearance or 15 and we’re sure CY lookalikes will be, unlike the man’s policy decisions, spot on. A giant cutout of his face is an easy hit, as long as it’s marker-friendly. The more daring may want to try for the full costume, complete with boring suit and those legendary eyebrows.

Us Hongkongers love The Avengers and with grassroots parody Revenge of Local Heroes gracing city theatres soon, building up the Marvel mania well before Age of Ultron’s release, it’s the perfect time to get involved. Solid picks include Iron Man, Captain America or Captain Hong Kong, but they’re all destined to play second fiddle to the Hulk in his natural habitat. Celebrate with a ‘Hulk smash’ every time you spot a vicious tackle.

The cutest cartoon sidekicks in the world are back in the spotlight with a new spin-off from the Despicable Me films out this summer. Plus, yellow is a popular colour this year. So, dress up as Bob, Kevin or one of the other loveable Minion clowns in celebration. It’s an outfit that has most effect in numbers, so co-ordination is key.

Parallel trader
It’s topical, it’s easy to pull off and it’s all in the name of fun. Mimic those border-crossers with one thing on their agenda – shopping. Make sure you bring a big suitcase for all your purchases. You’ll be taking up considerable room in the fan-packed stands but, then again, we suppose that’s the point. We do recommend that you travel to Hong Kong Stadium by private transport, though. Just in case.

Village People
As if the rugby and daytime drinking weren’t enough to look forward to, the Village People are set to serenade this year’s Sevens crowd on the Saturday with their catchy disco anthems. Make them feel at home by matching the group’s flamboyant outfits while stretching enthusiastically to YMCA. Ever a charming icon of gay culture, the Village People might just single-handedly bring the Native American headdress back into mainstream fashion at the Sevens. Our top pick, however, is the leather-clad biker.

9 Pilot
Local TV hit, Triumph In The Skies recently made the jump to the big screen and became a national hit. And the show’s Captain Cool even got a new squeeze for the 100-minute run. You can straighten up and fly right by cracking out the old Halloween faithful – and don’t forget a pair of Aviators to finish the look. Find yourself a good wingman for the job or even a pack of air stewards in Cathay Pacific colours.

10 Yellow umbrella
Okay, so taking an umbrella doesn’t count as a full outfit (unless you actually dress as an umbrella) but the chances are, rain or shine, a yellow brolly or two will make an appearance during the Sevens. The handy rain protector has become quite a statement item of late, though its presence might not be appreciated by everyone – especially Hong Kong’s political elite. Ivan Suen

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