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You can now eat bison meat in Hong Kong...and it’s good for you!

Written by
Holly Graham

The Grand Hyatt Steakhouse is the first Hong Kong restaurant to serve bison in a special menu available from today.

The American bison is an ancient ancestor of cows, which was once close to extinction due to human activity and climate change. It’s estimated that North America was once home to 40 million bisons but by the late 1800s, their numbers have dropped to less than 1,000. They were so important that former US President Barack Obama designated bison the country’s official mammal, for they once provided food, shelter and clothing and were regarded as a spiritual symbol by many.

Bison has seen an increase in popularity thanks to its many health benefits including it being a great source of complete protein and a rich source of multiple vitamins. When compared to beef, bison is lower in saturated fat and cholesterol. It’s also leaner and more tender partly due to the meat’s lack of hormones, antibiotics and steroids.

The Grand Hyatt Steakhouse’s executive chef Gerhard Passrugger has created a special bison menu featuring dishes such as bison tartare, bison bone-in ribeye charred with bamboo ash and flambéed with bourbon and roasted garlic butter, and short ribs smoked with bison herbs with a tangy maple glaze. So go and sink your teeth in some guilt-free meat!

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