Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead
Photograph: Courtesy Netflix/Masako IwasakiZom 100: Bucket List of the Dead

New on Netflix: What you should be watching this August 2023

Freshen up your watchlist with these hot new releases

Jenny Leung

Just when you think there's nothing else you can possibly watch on Netflix, the streaming platform brings another round of new shows and movies for August. This month, curl up at home and enjoy everything from thrilling mysteries to binge-worthy K-dramas. Keep scrolling to see what you should be adding to the watchlist this month.

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New shows and movies to watch on Netflix

D.P. (season two)

The highly anticipated second season of the hit Korean drama series D.P. follows Jun-ho and Ho-yeol as they continue to fight against the harsh realities and injustices that persist in the Deserter Pursuit (D.P.) unit. The unlikely duo are tasked with tracking down those who attempt to avoid mandatory military service, but they face the intense repercussions of shocking incidents from season one. As they return to duty and hunt down other defectors, the tables turn and one of the chasers becomes the chased.

Available on Netflix from July 28

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead

Exhausted by his abusive boss and mundane life, Akira Tendo wakes up one morning to find his town overtaken by zombies. Instead of fear and distraught, Akira is overjoyed with the fact that he no longer has to go work and creates a 'zombie apocalypse bucket list' of 100 things he wants to do before turning into a zombie.

Available on Netflix from August 3



Zombieverse is a Korean unscripted series set in Seoul amidst a zombie apocalypse. A group of 10 contestants must outrun the walking dead and escape to a rescue ship waiting for them at Wolmido island. Blending elements of horror, action, and plenty of humour, this is definitely one to watch out for this month.

Available on Netflix from August 8

Marry My Dead Body

The closing film at the 2022 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, Marry My Dead Body tells the story of Policeman Ming-han, who forms a unique bond with a ghost after finding a red wedding envelope. Together, they solve a crime while navigating the complexities of their unconventional relationship.

Available on Netflix from August 10


Heart of Stone

Rachel Stone is a secret agent and a member of the Charter, an elite group of spies that work together to “keep peace in a turbulent world” using a unique piece of technology known as the Heart. But all that changes when the Heart becomes under attack and Rachel must do whatever it takes to stop it from falling into the wrong hands.

Available on Netflix from August 11

Mask Girl

Meet Kim Mo-mi, a regular office worker who spends her days feeling insecure about her appearance. By night, she transforms into a live-streamer, covering her face with a mask to hide her true self from her online audience. However, Mo-mi's life takes an unexpected turn when she becomes embroiled in an unforeseen incident.

Available on Netflix from August 18

Did you catch these last month?


New Korean drama Celebrity offers a glimpse into the world of social media through the eyes of Seo A-ri, an ordinary woman who unexpectedly rises to fame overnight. As she becomes immersed in the glamorous but cut-throat world of influencers, Seo A-ri must navigate the challenges that come with her newfound success, including jealousy, hate, and deadly consequences.

Available on Netflix from June 30

The Out-Laws

Meet Owen Browning, a straitlaced bank manager who is about to tie the knot with his soulmate, Parker. Just as their wedding week begins, Owen’s workplace is robbed by a notorious gang known as the Ghost Bandits. With the sudden arrival of Emily's family in town, Jack becomes convinced that they are behind the heist.

Available on Netflix from July 7


Nineteen to Twenty

Netflix's new Korean reality show, Nineteen to Twenty, follows a group of young adults as they bid farewell to their teenage years and embrace the freedom of adulthood. The show captures the growth and excitement of various Gen Zs as they turn 20, spending their final week as 19-year-olds with friends at the ‘19 School’ to learn about essential life skills. On New Year's Day, they move into the ‘20 House’ and begin their new journey towards independence, making unexpected connections and memories along the way.

Available on Netflix from July 11

Survival of the Thickest

Survival of the Thickest is a new Netflix comedy series that follows the journey of Mavis Beaumont, a black, plus-size woman who is newly single and trying to make a name for herself as a stylist. With the help of her chosen family, Mavis tackles obstacles in life while embracing body positivity and a ‘thriving, not just surviving’ mentality – but not without a cute v-neck and some lip gloss, of course.

Available on Netflix from July 13


Burn the House Down

A thrilling new Japanese drama, Burn the House Down follows Anzu Murata as she returns to her childhood home after 13 years. Anzu's mother and younger sister left the house when her mother was suspected of burning it down, but Anzu is convinced of her mother's innocence and goes undercover as a housekeeper to gather evidence against her stepmother. 

Available on Netflix from July 13

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