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Catch some of the best up-and-comers at the Ear Up Festival

Ear Up Records was formed in June by the Renaissance Foundation, a collection of filmmakers, writers and musicians on a mission to incubate the best of Hong KOng's talent and grow them into musical successes. And they've put together a one-night-only music festival that features Ear Up's carefully selected acts from across our city who are showing the fruits of their apprenticeships with the foundation alongside HK greats Ellen Loo and RubberBand. It's at MacPherson Stadium and it's free but, sadly, tickets are already sold out.

Still, we're exctied for The Sulis Club (pictured), an Oasis, Symphony X and Killers-inspired indie-rock outfit that formed in 2013 and debuted live a year later at the much-missed Backstage Live. Currently promoting a new single, Before it Blows, this four-piece is fast rising in the indie scene. Also on the lineup is the classically trained Adrian Lo, who took to the stage at CLockenflap last year with his repertoire of stunningly stark compositions and film scores. Lo released his debut EP Absentee in August.

Empty are another tasty prospect - formed in 2002, the five indie musicians, headed by frontman Mandy Lo, have scooped up appearances and awards at multiple international shows, including Hennessy Artistry in SHanghai and Hong Kong. And experimental pop duet SoundTube shoudl be a thoughtful highlight of the night, as members cite minimalists John Cage and Philip Glass as their key influences. Of course it's the enchanting electro-folk singer Ellen Loo and rock four-piece RubberBand who are reeling the crowds in but the local up-and-comers are the real reasons to prick your ears up at this fest. Jules O'Brien


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