The best regular live music nights in Hong Kong

In the mood for some live music but not sure where to go? Have no fear, here’s a cheeky peek at the best recurring live music nights in the city
Live music nights
By Graham Turner |

Burgeoning; aspirational; crap; brilliant; severely limited – the conversation surrounding live music in Hong Kong often descends into hyperbole, no matter who you speak to. True, it’s a disappointment that our compact city of seven million people isn’t home to a more relentless, all-encompassing live music scene the way it should be. We’ve covered the trials and tribulations of Hong Kong’s underground venues before.

But don’t think for a second that there’s not a lot going on here. There’s a company of dedicates powering the scene on a daily basis, like these five scene stalwarts, and a slew of great live houses still hanging on. These are the venues and live music nights built by such champions. These nights are happening every day or every week and they’re all worth your time. 

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