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Worst album covers

The eight worst Hong Kong album covers

Great tunes? Possibly. Great album artwork? Not so much...

Written by
Graham Turner

Like anywhere music-obsessed, Hong Kong has produced tunes that run the gamut from atrocities to masterpieces. Our city has created a genre all its own than we can be proud of, and while we enjoy poking fun at some of Cantopop's more interesting album cover choices, the delightfully over-the-top garish cheesiness is part of what makes them amazing. Let's celebrate that. 

If you think we're being too negative, worry not. We'll also be looking at the best album covers in the coming weeks, so look out for that! In the meantime though, why not have a look at our guide to the greatest Cantopop songs of all time or see what you, our readers, decided were your favourite cantopop songs!

The eight worst Hong Kong album covers

Brenda Lo (盧業瑂) – Xin Si Si, Ai Qing Zui Jin Yao <<心思思、愛情最緊要>>

Brenda is having a great time. If only playing Scrabble with your teddy was actually this fun. 

Bennett Pang (彭健新) – Pang Kin Sang New & Best <<新曲與精選>>

We still can't decide whether it's Bennett or the goose thinking, "This fuckin' guy."


Cheung Ming Men (張明敏) – Papa's Grass Shoes/Looking at the Stars <<爸爸的草鞋.望星星>>

Judging by the look on his face, even Ming Men knew he wasn't on to a winner with this sultry photo. 

Edmond Leung (梁漢文) – Parental Guidance <>

Definitely a strong look, Edmond. 


Eddie Ng (吳國敬) – Ran Shao <<燃燒>>

Eddie was searching the skies for UFOs long before the The X-Files made it cool.

Albert Au (區瑞強) – Su Xin Qu <<訴心曲>>

Now here's a lad you can bring home to Mum. 


Lee Chung Ho (李 中浩) – Joe <<李中浩>>

Clearly no ordinary JOE.

Zhang Shao Lin (張 少林) – Beat It <<黐線Beat It>>

One word: Immense.

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