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BTS x McDonald’s meals out June 3
Photograph: Twitter/@BTS_twt

A BTS-themed McDonald’s meal is dropping in Hong Kong on June 3

The K-pop megastars collaborate with the fast food giant to give fans a taste of their favourite items
Written by
Fontaine Cheng

Are you a part of the BTS Army? You know, the super-popular seven-member South Korean boy band that skyrocketed to global fame with their seriously addictive pop hits, slick dance moves, and boyish good looks? Well, since you’re here, we thought you might. 

McDonald’s, which has collaborated with many artists including Cantopop singer Keung To in Hong Kong, is collaborating with the K-pop group for exclusive BTS-themed meal sets made up of the boy band’s favourite menu items: a 10-piece box of Chicken McNuggets, medium fries, and a medium Coke. McDonald’s will also be introducing two new sauces for dipping, including Sweet Chili and Cajun which have been inspired by recipes from McDonald’s in South Korea.

The fast-food chain posted an Instagram to tease fans with the upcoming launch showing seven fries in the boy band's logo.

The BTS-themed McDonald’s meal will roll out worldwide from May 26 onwards and will hit countries, including South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and around 50 other locations, over the course of a month. The meal will be available in Hong Kong and Macau on June 3.

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