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Hong Kong's hottest celebrities on Instagram
From left to right: (top row) Lucas Wong, Coffee Lam, Pakho Chau; (bottom row) Nancy Wu, Keung To, Kelly Cheung I Photograph: Courtesy of their official Instagram accounts

Hottest Hong Kong celebrities to follow on Instagram right now

Check out these crazy hot Asians – Hong Kong edition

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Time Out Hong Kong

Last time, we gave you the sexiest stars in Asia. This time, we’re back with more – all hailing from this very city. From TVB favourites, a Cantopop singer, K-pop rapper, and even famous YouTube stars, these are the hottest local celebrities on our Instagram radar. Did your favourite Hong Kong personality make the cut? Read on to find out. By Elaine Wong and Fontaine Cheng

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Hot Hong Kong celebs to follow on Instagram

Pakho Chau

Working as a runner and engineer for music studios when he was a teenager, Pakho Chau’s stardom didn’t come easy. Now an established singer, songwriter, model, actor and entrepreneur, not to mention a full-time dad, Pakho first became known for his duet Nothing Done in 2009 with fellow Cantopop singer Stephanie Cheng. Over the next decade, quite a few of his songs topped local music charts, notably with My Vow (2013), A Hundred Years (2015), and Free My Love (2019). Aside from his music, Pakho is also renowned for his style and is considered a fashion icon in Hong Kong. Catch him sporting the newest products from his own labels XPX and CATXMAN on his Instagram.

Grace Chan

Hong Kong-born Canadian actress Grace Chan is a wearer of many hats. From beauty pageant winner (Miss Hong Kong 2013 and Miss Chinese International 2014), TV show host, and actress, Grace has been (ahem) gracing our screens since with a big smile and genuine positivity that we can't help but keep watching. Grace married popular actor Kevin Cheng in 2018 and together are bringing up two adorable boys that you can sometimes spot on her Instagram. The beauty queen is also an entrepreneur, co-founding cotton facial pads brand Snow Queen, as well as collaborating with baked goods brands Baked Indulgence and La Viña


Ali Lee

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A post shared by Ali 李佳芯 (@aliaime)

Starting out as a host for sports and entertainment programmes on Cable TV, Ali Lee began to gain a following during her time at TVB’s information programme Sidewalk Scientist between 2013 and 2017. Ali's charming visuals, as well as her fun-loving and candid character, have managed to attract many Hongkongers, and she has now amassed a million followers on Instagram. Following her performances in TVB dramas Fashion War (2016) and Legal Mavericks (2017), Ali is finally hitting the small screen again with Beauty and the Boss, which has just started airing this week.

Shawn Yue

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A post shared by Shawn Yue (@lok666)

Actor and singer Shawn Yue was best known for his role in Initial D (2005), where he worked together with some Asian film industry giants, including Jay Chou, Anthony Wong, and Chapman To. Thereafter, he was paired up with famous local actress and singer Miriam Yeung in Love in a Puff (2010) and its sequel. Besides acting, Shawn has been keeping himself busy and established his own fashion label, Madness, in 2014, followed by an esports organisation called MAD Team in 2017. He married in 2017 and now a father to two lovely kids. Shawn has been showing off photos of his beautiful family on Instagram ever since – cue the awws.


Nancy Wu

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A post shared by Nancy Wu 胡定欣 (@nwuuu)

Nancy Wu made her debut as an actress in 2003, and if you’re a fan of Hong Kong television dramas, you will have caught her performance in the much-loved TVB series, Triumph in the Skies, that year. Other than her consistent participation in TV dramas over the years, Nancy's successful career as a model and TV host also contributed to her rise to fame. Her hard work has positively paid off, as she has received the title of Best Actress during the TVB Awards Presentation in 2015 and 2016. On a side note, her Instagram gallery is filled with pictures of her with a baby, but don’t be fooled as that’s actually her niece, so this is good news for all the singletons amongst you!

Joyce Cheng

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A post shared by Joyce Cheng (@princejoyce)

Another Canadian on this list is Hong Kong Canto-pop singer Joyce Cheng. The singer, actress, and performer is adored for her super sweet voice and playful personality. Since starting her own YouTube channel due to the outbreak, Joyce shares her beauty tips and shows off her skills in music and dance videos – and boy, this girl can dance! All of which has helped her gain more fans who follow her for more fun, fierce, and light-hearted content.  


Jackson Wang

With well over 22 million followers on Instagram, Jackson Wang is undoubtedly one of the biggest Asian celebrities. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Wang used to be on the Hong Kong fencing team but was catapulted to fame as one of the members of the K-pop boy group Got7 in 2014. Apart from being an excellent rapper, singer, dancer, and model, Wang’s funny and down-to-earth personality has made him a crowd favourite in variety shows in South Korea and Mainland China. Jackson has also been shaking up the fashion scene, not only as an ambassador for brands like Fendi in China but also as the lead designer for his own label, Team Wang Design. With Got7’s recent disbandment, Wang is now based in Mainland China, developing a steady solo career.

Priscilla Wong

Priscilla Wong debuted in 2003 as an anchor for i-Cable's entertainment news programme. She later moved to TVB to develop her acting career and was praised for her roles in TV dramas like Swipe Tap Love (2014), as well as for hosting the travel series Pilgrimage of Wealth with fellow TVB artist Tony Hung. Despite their on-screen chemistry, Wong’s true love turned out to be Edwin Siu, her co-star from Madam Cutie on Duty (2015), whom she got married to in 2018. Nowadays, Wong often flaunts her happy married life on Instagram, and we send them our blessings.


Kelly Cheung

Recently filming for the TV drama Big White Duel II alongside Nancy Wu is Kelly Cheung. Born in Hong Kong, Kelly moved to Chicago when she was ten before returning to Hong Kong to pursue a career in acting, modelling, and hosting. She went on to win several beauty pageants too, including Miss Chinese International 2012, before becoming one of the hosts of TVB Pearl’s lifestyle programme, Dolce Vita. Kelly has since been moving towards acting, eventually winning the Most Improved Female Artist title in the TVB Anniversary Awards 2019 with her role in Big White Duel.

Lucas Wong

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A post shared by LUCAS (@lucas_xx444)

Turns out Wang’s not the only Hong Kong rep in the K-pop world. Enter Lucas Wong, a rapper, singer, and model currently based in South Korea and Mainland China. Lucas was first introduced as a member of the boy group NCT in 2018. While this group may have over 20 members (yes, you read that right!), he is in no way overshadowed by his fellow members, thanks to his striking good looks and outgoing personality. If you can’t get enough of this eye candy, check out NCT’s debut music video The 7th Sense, which has just surpassed 100 million views on YouTube.


Coffee Lam

Attracting attention with her cameo as a model in the TVB sitcom Off Pedder (2009), Coffee Lam has since been trying to prove to the public that she is much more than just her amazing figure. Today, Coffee is a professional yoga instructor and has emerged as the first Hong Kong YouTuber (with Cantonese as the primary language on her channel) to reach one million subscribers. If you’re in need of some fitspo, head to her Instagram because, trust us, she’s definitely one of the fittest Hong Kong mums out there.

Keung To

Is it just us or is this guy popping up everywhere these days? But hey, we're not complaining. After all, who doesn’t like a cute guy holding a Big Mac Bacon? Keung To, a 21-year-old singer, actor and model, is one of Hong Kong’s latest heartthrobs. As the champion of ViuTV’s idol competition Good Night Show in 2018, Keung made his debut as one of the members of the boy band Mirror, along with 11 other contestants from the show. His career as a solo artist, which kicked off in 2019, has achieved considerable success, making him the winner of some major local music awards last year. 

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