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Photograph: Courtesy VoiceOut!

A new anti-discrimination app, VoiceOut! launches in Hong Kong

The app is designed to help Hongkongers report instances of discrimination

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Time Out Hong Kong

Stress amongst Hongkongers is at an all-time high according to a recent survey released by the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies at CUHK, and various local studies have also quoted a recent rise in domestic sexual orientation discrimination as one of the root causes of anxiety in the city. To combat this, the Faith in Love Foundation – an NGO that encourages volunteerism and supports children and youth from socially disadvantaged backgrounds – has launched the VoiceOut! app as part of the organisation's efforts to do their bit in the city-wide struggle against injustice. The Faith in Love Foundation is a charitable organisation founded by Gigi Chao, a gay rights advocates who became popular with the LGBT community when her father, Hong Kong real estate tycoon Cecil Chao, announced a $500 million marriage bounty to any man who could win his lesbian daughter's heart. "We recognise that social distancing measures required by the pandemic have exacerbated mental health issues in the most vulnerable sections of society," states the Faith in Love Foundation. The organisation says that there is an urgent need for intervention from a trusted third party so that there can be a safe platform for anyone in Hong Kong who may have fallen victim to discrimination. 

Users of this app will be able to report incidents of discrimination, whether it be concerning sexual orientation, race, disability, or gender. Qualified professionals will then be referred to the user based on their situation and provide them with assistance. Data collected within the app will also be used anonymously for research to guide future anti-discriminatory policies. 

Join the fight against prejudice and download the app now at  or via Google Play and Apple App StoreAdrian Ho

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