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A super typhoon is on its way to Hong Kong this weekend

Written by
Olivia Lai

While we lament the weak T3 signal currently hoisted as tropical storm Barijat grazes the city today and into tomorrow, there’s a second, more powerful typhoon on its way towards Hong Kong. Not just any typhoon, it’s super typhoon Mangkhut. And it’s looking like it’ll be a direct hit for our city. The worst news is, according to the Hong Kong Observatory, it’s predicted to be closest on Sunday.

A super typhoon is the highest typhoon category – though that doesn’t mean it’s automatically a T8 or T10 – and Mangkhut is predicted to be one of the most powerful storms in recent history. It’s expected to bring adverse weather and heavy rain, according to the present forecast track. 

While there’s a possibility that a T8 or even a T10 signal will remain issued on Monday, don’t keep your hopes up for a day-off. Take last year, in August when we experienced two typhoons in quick succession – T10 Hato, followed by Pakhar – the latter of which arrived on Saturday 23rd, ruining everybody’s weekend. It’s very likely something similar will happen this weekend. It’s probably better to start cancelling your plans and prepare some indoor fun instead.

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