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Calbee potato chips
Photograph: Courtesy Calbee

Calbee launches new flavours to bring a taste of Japan to Hong Kong

From Japanese green onion udon to garlic Wagyu potato chips, take your pick!
Written by
Fontaine Cheng

For many Hongkongers, Japan is probably the most popular travel destination there is. But since the Tokyo Olympics is about as close as we're going to get these days, there are other ways to get a taste of Japan in Hong Kong. One such way is through potato chips. Yes, that's right folks, potato chips inspired by classic Japanese dishes. Hoping to help ease the sorrow of missing travel to Japan, Calbee has launched two new flavours, including Japanese green onion udon and garlic Wagyu.

Japanese green onion udon potato chips

The Japanese green onion udon potato chips capture the sweet and savoury flavour of dashi with base notes of kombu and bonito, as well as the fresh and fragrant taste of Kujo green onions from Kyoto. Meanwhile, a prized piece of beef in Japanese cuisine is used to flavour the garlic Wagyu potato chips, which also has the aroma and rich taste of garlic, making it incredibly addictive. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Garlic Wagyu potato chips

Both the Japanese green onion udon and garlic Wagyu flavoured potato chips will be available at major supermarkets, convenience shops, and retail stores in the city from August onwards.

Now, the question is, which potato chip flavour are you going to try first?

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