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Baileys Cookie DPT
Photograph: Courtesy Cookie DPT

Cookie DPT launches Baileys-infused baked treats

Taste three Irish cream liqueur-infused creations that include a cream cookie, cupcake, and fudge brownie

Tatum Ancheta

If you're on a diet and getting ready to fit in that summer swimsuit, look away now because Cookie DPT is back with another mouthwatering limited-edition treat – this time with a delightfully boozy twist. Three sweet concoctions, which will be available this May, is launching in Cookie DPT outlets in partnership with Irish Cream Liqueur brand Baileys. 

Cream Cookie

Baileys has always been a favourite ingredient in confectionery, and Cookie DPT's creations sure hit the sweet spot. The first of the sweet collaboration is the Cream Cookie ($45) – available only until May 16 – which comes as a reincarnated version of Cookie DPT's signature chewy, chunky Cookies and Cream, with the addition of a Baileys-infused ganache filling. 

Baileys Cupcake

Next is the decadent, luscious Baileys Cupcake ($50), launching on May 17 and available at Cookie DPT outlets until May 23. The cupcake is moist and chocolatey, filled with a bittersweet Baileys cream filling and topped with a velvety layer of chocolate whipped cream. Last but certainly not least, is Cookie DPT's first-ever fudge brownie infused with the Irish cream liqueur. Available from May 24 until May 30, the Baileys Fudge Brownie ($40) has a moreish crispy top with a soft, chewy, and fudgy inside.   

Baileys Fudge Brownie

The Cream Cookie, Baileys Cupcake, and Baileys Fudge Brownie will be available for a limited time this May at Cookie DPT outlets in Basehall, Lee Garden, and Harbour City. Don't just take our word for it. Mark your calendars, and head to the nearest Cookie DPT to try them before it's sold out.

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