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Cookie Vission
Photograph: Courtesy Cookie Vission

Cookie Vission opens its first store in Tai Hang

Offering everything from cookies, ice-cream sandwiches, big boy milkshakes, and something called a pookie?
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Fontaine Cheng

Did you hear? Online cookie store Cookie Vission is opening its first brick-and-mortar shop in trendy Tai Hang this month, and to celebrate, they're offering a series of items that go beyond the humble cookie. One of which is the pookie ($55). Not just a pet name, this new dessert brings together puff pastry and the brand's signature soft and crumbly cookies in one mixed textured bite. The first flavour is an indulgent baked cheesecake and chocolate chip cookie wrapped in a crisp, golden caramelised pastry.

Cookie Vission’s first store is in Tai Hang

Other new items include their souped-up big boy milkshake ($128), which will be available in a different flavour each month. For March, Cookie Vission will blend up cookies and cream milkshake with, wait for it, a classic chocolate cake, chocolate fudge sauce, whipped cream, a slice of chocolate layer cake, and mini cookies – putting the 'big' in big boy milkshakes. Other flavours include cookie dough and strawberry shortcake with cookie dough butter, Nutella, cookie crumbs, brownie chunks, and maple bacon.

The new items include pookies (left) and fully-loaded big boy milkshakes (right)

Of course, Cookie Vission's classic cookies are also available ($40 to $50) and will be baked on-site every hour with a daily rotation of eight to ten flavours including chocolate chip pecan, Nutella hazelnut, Portuguese egg tart, matcha green tea, spiced s’mores, oolong tea, chocolate peanut butter, epic chocolate, and many more. The shop will also be assembling ice cream sandwiches ($68) from these cookies. You can even pick up raw cookie dough ($120 per 600g) to bake at home, so you can get that freshly-baked cookie at home too.

Drinks-wise, the menu will feature beverages such as cold milk or almond milk for cookie dunking, homemade hot chocolate with scorched marshmallow ($45), homemade lemonade ($35), and traditional milkshakes ($68).

The new Cookie Vission store is located at 6 Wun Sha Street, Tai Hang. They are currently in their soft opening phase until March 10, and will operate from Monday to Sunday, 9am to 6pm, and thereafter at 8.30am to 9pm. 

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