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Creative online classes that global experts are giving for free

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Time Out Hong Kong

Want to up your game in the creative arena? Take advantage of these free online classes that experts across the globe suddenly made for free.   

Cinematography: Shane Hurlbut illumination workshop

Want to learn about the art of cinematography? Renowned cinematographer Shane Hurlbut (cinematographer for Netflix's Rim of the World, 2009 Terminator Salvation, and 2014 Need for Speed, among others) is giving free access to his Illumination Workshop. The full course costs USD499 but the free access gives students 8-hour of learning materials which will include shadows, reflections, lighting layers, and incorporating emotions in cinematic scenes. 

View the class today at

Lectures on digital photography

Taught by Marc Levoy, a Professor Emeritus of Computer Science at Stanford, and Principal Engineer at Google. The course is excellent for beginners who are just starting to learn digital photography. It will give students a basic understanding of digital photography and put you far ahead of those 'social media photographers.' The course has been so popular that it has caused some errors on loading videos. If you experience the error, head to his Youtube account to view 18 lectures and then head back to his page to read summaries of some of his projects at Google.  

Fashion as design

Since you have not been dressing up for work as of late, level up your fashion sense and start impressing your coworkers when you get back to working in the office. Learn from the fashion experts of The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. The course will give you a better comprehension of your fashion choices. It will also provide you with the critical tools to appreciate and contextualise fashion design—from everyday clothing to couture garments. 

Classes will start on March 30. You can enrol for the full course for free or pay USD49 to get a certificate. Enrol for the class at 

Graphic design specialisation

This class is extensive, and if you have four hours a week to devote to the course, you may finish in five months. It will give you the fundamental skills needed to be a graphic designer so you can finally apply for that design job you have been dreaming of. 

Get a free 7-day free trial or pay USD49 per month to continue learning after the trial ends. Enrol at


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