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Hong Kong International Film Festival 2018 to feature Brigette Lin and Werner Herzog retrospectives

Written by
Douglas Parkes

The Hong Kong International Film Festival returns next month and has just announced its full lineup for 2018. There are a number of highlights for cinephiles to look forward to. Top of the bill is the festival’s Brigette Lin retrospective. The Taiwanese actress was one of the icons of Hong Kong cinema’s heyday from the mid-80s to mid-90s, starring in everything from popular classics like Police Story and Peking Opera Blues to Wong Kar-wai’s internationally celebrated Chungking Express and Ashes of TimeThe HKIFF is showcasing 14 of her works including, as well as the aforementioned films, Peking Opera Blues, Outside the Window and The Bride with White Hair . To top it off, Lin will be in town for a special ‘Face-to-Face’ seminar on March 31 where she will share her insights on film, art and life.

Other highlights include the first-ever visit to the festival by renowned filmmaker Werner Herzog (Grizzly Man, Cave of Forgotten Dreams), a special screening of Oscar-nominated The Florida Project, which has yet to be released here in Hong Kong, followed by a Q&A with director Sean Baker, and a screening of Kenji Mizoguchi’s A Story from Chikamatsu dovetailed by an interview with lead actress Kagawa Kyoko, a star of Japanese cinema’s golden age in the mid-20th century.

To see the full festival lineup visit the HKIFF website. Booking for screenings opens at 10am on Friday and tickets usually go fast, so be sure to set a reminder in your calendar.

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